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Lax Link-O-Rama!

wembleyfreo17 days have passed since our last lax links post so just like clockwork, here is the most up-to-date lacrosse cheat sheet for all the latest action both on and off the field.  Today we get the video low down on the US National Team, learn a bit about English lacrosse (and how the language they speak over there can seem like a foreign one to a Yank) and hear a bit more on the roots of the game form a few different sources.

USA USA USA!  Team USA goes against the best that the Mid-Atlantic colleges have to offer: Maryland, Virginia and Navy.

North of the border,  Canada held another training camp and has since reduced its roster to 30 players.  A lot of Americans may not recognize ALL of the names on the roster but trust me, they are all legit laxers.  Outside of the box game, you might not hear much about Dan Dawson or Mark Steenhuis but these guys have great sticks, play tough lacrosse and know how to win.  I like the guys that are still around for Team USA, but Canada is going to be a VERY tough team to dethrone.

These are the Denver Outlaws that will play against DU.

The first-ever Connecticut Cup took place last week, check out the action here.

Ever heard of Silverfin Lacrosse? NO? me either… until now!

Ok, Maverik does NOT sponsor Cuse… but just imagine if they did!

If you were sponsored by Nike, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind getting a “care package” like this one.  Pro laxers may not be rolling in the dough just yet but they still look fresh to death… continues to provide a lot of good video on some fall ball events… even teams like Hartford, Yale, Quinnipiac and Sacred Heart get some love!

Want to know what’s the haps for this weekend? Look right here.  Speaking of lax events this weekend, the Iroquois National Team and Hobart will do a little dance and play some serious lax this weekend.  This event may not have the biggest names like some of the other events but will probably get you closer to the game’s roots and history than anything else.  My current club lacrosse teammate and Hobart alum, Christian Gould told me about the event and I agree with him 100%: it has the potential to easily be the best fall event.  Hobart is an amazing program (please google Hobart Lacrosse if you don’t already know its history) and the Iroquois National Team represents a connection to the games roots and is something special that you can really only see in the sport of lacrosse.  

UPDATE: Hobart and the Iroquois played friday night… you can check out the recap with some photos here.

And if you’re all the way on the other side of the planet in Melbourne, Australia then don’t fret… there is pro box lax down there this weekend.  You can check out some NLLers blogging about their experiences right here.

John Meade with a short stick? you don't say...
John Meade with a short stick? you don't say...

If you want to learn a little sumpin, sumpin about University level lacrosse in England you can start out here with Durham.  They won their last game 19-0 against York and John Meade scored 5 goals as a midfielder.  In his NCAA lacrosse career, John was an All-American goalie at Hartwick College in upstate NY.  I didn’t understand half the words they use but I would imagine that an Long Island lax vernacular would  confuse the English just as much.  Rip the duck, Gov’nah?

Oh and if you want to further your quest for international lacrosse knowledge domination check out how the game is spreading on the North Shore… of NEW ZEALAND!

To follow up on a previous LAS post, the NESCAC rumor mill continues to churn and while Mark Moran is still not returning to Connecticut College, it now seems like James Guay will NOT be playing for the Middlebury Panthers this year.  Earlier sources placed Guay back on the team this spring but it looks like NESCAC coaches and attackmen can breathe a little easier as he is now not expected to play for Midd in 2010.  As usual, LAS will keep you posted if anything changes!

Have a great weekend and lax it up whenever possible.