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LXM PRO To California… Then?

The LXM PRO’s final 2012 stop is taking place this weekend in California. Yes, it’s 2013, but that doesn’t matter. The NFL playoffs are held the next year. Does that matter? NO? Then neither does this. The fact is the LXM game will provide a great experience for fans in attendance, and it’s yet another great game the rest of us can watch online, via The Lacrosse Network. All in all, a win.

STX holds a lead in the series right now, and sits on top with a comfortable 4-2 margin. STX may have won the series, but you know Solé wants to take the last game as a consolation. Like all the games before it, the game at Torrey Pines HS should be a good one.

I’m interested to see which players end up on the field for both teams, and I think many of the mainstays will be there. However, with the NLL and NALL both starting up this weekend, a couple of well-known guys could be missing. Or not. We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

When it comes to predictions, I like STX to win right now, because if Kyle Harrison or Sam Bradman goes off, it just gives them an extra edge in the goal-scoring race. The same holds true for a couple of guys on Solé, and if Graham Gill has a big night, my prediction could easily turn out wrong. That’s part of what I love about the LXM: for a two team show, it’s pretty unpredictable.

So we know what we’re going to get in California… but what’s next for the LXM?

It looks like their rosters will be pretty much intact. A bunch of LXM guys put their names into the MLL supplemental draft pool, and yet none of them got drafted. If these guys aren’t going to play in the MLL, for whatever reason, they will most likely continue to play in the LXM. I’m still trying to sort out exactly what happened there, but the end result looks like talent is staying put.

They’ll go to California. But where else will they go? It’s clear that the LXM does very well in CA, and they have also seen success along the Pacific Coast, and in places like Arizona. But can they pull in crowds in places like Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, or Florida? If they can consistently do that, and grow their brand nationwide, the LXM could be in a great spot in terms of stability and reach.

The sponsors continue to roll in. From what I’ve heard, 2013 is good to go, and sponsors are lined up and ready to get on board. This means the should LXM be around for another year, and should do things as big, or bigger, than they were done in 2012. All good news for an organization looking to grow and build momentum.

Will there be music? I don’t know. It seems like the LXM has teamed up with lacrosse events as opposed to musical events lately, and seen success doing so. It may be a switch in their model, but if it works, they certainly have my blessing to stick with it. Can they add music events back on to that? Do they even want to? I kind of like a lacrosse game as a lacrosse game, and not a concert, so we’ll see which direction 2013 unveils.

LXM PRO team plays in a men’s tournament. Have I heard this will happen? No. I am actually pleading with the LXM in this very article, and asking that they do this. Put a team into Vail, or Placid, and let the Joes take you on. It would be good for the brand, and quite frankly, you should win. But even if the LXM didn’t win, it would do a lot to engender good will. But who am I kidding, the LXM team would definitely win… right?

MCLA love is coming. Maybe it’s not, but it should be. If the LXM is going to continue to thrive on the West Coast, they could use some local guys to get it going. A guy like Matt Walrath would be an awesome addition, and I definitely think a guy like Ryan Westfall could be an impact player. I’d love to see a couple of these guys get a shot.

The LXM is not a full-fledged league yet, but it is definitely building to something greater than what it is right now. Where it will go in the end remains somewhat of a mystery, and there are no guarantees it will work beyond 2013 or 2014, but right now it looks like a solid pro lacrosse experience with a good deal of potential. The players seem happy to be playing, the fans that go enjoy themselves, and it provides good highlights and events throughout the year.

This last 2012 event should be good, and much like the events before it. But what can we expect in 2013, and will we get a taste of it this weekend?