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Meet Bear, Newest Addition To The LAS Team

Everyone, meet Bear. An 8.5 week old Vizsla puppy, he’s the newest addition to the LAS team.

Right now he’s cute and likes to sit on laps, but one day he’s going to look like this:

He’s already following some commands and he loves to play fetch. And best of all he’s already pointing like any good hunting breed as a puppy. We’ve used a small stuffed duck to engage him and get him used to tracking it down.

Problem: I don’t hunt much. So here’s what we’re going to do: Exchange the bird for a lacrosse ball. Simple, right? Hoping so.

So far he loves being outside and if you have a lacrosse stick in your hand he’ll follow you wherever you go. Good sign. After an hour or so of playing and chewing on things he shouldn’t be chewing on, he gets tired and so do I, so he crashes at my feet.

Anyway, good dog. Well-mannered. Sleeps through the night and holds it until he gets outside. Might just have to bring him to the Tahoe tourney in July.

Welcome to the team, Bear.

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