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Music Monday: ESPNU Needs A New Song

I never honestly thought I would miss 30 Seconds To Mars.  Sure, I grew up in the 90s, and My So Called Life was a great TV show, but I never thought I’d actually miss Jared Leto’s band.  But this year’s ESPNU lacrosse broadcasts are definitely missing something this time around, and it’s a theme song!

Now I could pretty easily throw a couple songs out there and say, “THESE are the songs they should use“, but my musical knowledge just isn’t up to snuff here.  So I’m enlisting YOU, the lacrosse enthusiast, to help me out!  If you leave me to my own devices I’ll pick some weird hipster stuff.  And no one wants that.

Nominate a song in the comments section, and then we’ll create a poll, which will allow readers to pick their favorite.  That way we can come up with the Lacrosse Song of the Season!  And it could all start with you!!!!

Who’s going to replace Jared Leto and his preposterous mohawk?

Unless we get some good nominations, we’re leaning towards this:

I mean the band’s name is “Lacrosse”!  How could we not pick them to sing our 2012 anthem?  Got to love Swedish music.

Drop your 2012 Lacrosse Song Of The Year on us in the comments!