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Music Monday: Keith’s Radio Show, Plus Contest Winner!

Before we get to Keith’s show this week we have some business to settle.  On last week’s extra special Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage we had a contest to get feedback on the shows and get input from listeners.

Sir Coyler is back to announce the winner:

And the winner is...

The winner of the GlowBro shades is ZacLax!

ZacLax is the first official R/Z contest winner for giving what I thought was the best response (and counter-response) to the questions: 1) favorite song, 2) least favorite song from Episode #31 3) song that should be on Episode #32 4) favorite song from one of the other R/Z shows.

You can check out the handful of other great responses over here. There will be more contests in the future, so don’t get discouraged if you didn’t snag the shades!

Editor’s note: ZacLax –  send your mailing address to to redeem your shades!

Now on to this week’s featured podcast:

“This very special installment of Keith’s Radio Show celebrates traveling and a life on the road. Songs about riding trains, driving cars, and even taking Manhattan subways will take you out of the cubicle and out on your favorite open stretch of highway (or subway tunnel).”

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