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NCAA D1 Lacrosse Rundown: Week 3

Talk about a great week of NCAA D1 lacrosse games! This was our first real week of a full slate of games, which means that almost everyone has played at least once. It also means that some teams are impressing us early (Virginia) while others are kind of worrying us (Villanova). So, without further delay, the rundown!

Week 3 D1 Scoreboard

9 High Point vs. Georgetown 3
11 Sacred Heart vs. Stony Brook 12
8 Saint Joseph’s vs. Maryland 16

10 Detroit Mercy vs. Michigan 15

8 Hampton vs. Roberts Wesleyan 20
9 Wagner vs. Lafayette 8

8 Manhattan vs. Robert Morris 18
12 Bucknell vs. Fairfield 13
9 UMass Lowell vs. Harvard 14
4 Air Force vs. Marist 10
11 Binghamton vs. Colgate 8
14 Denver vs. Duke 9
8 Furman vs. Sacred Heart 9
1 Jacksonville vs. Marquette 17
5 Mount St. Mary’s vs. Towson 13
8 Ohio State vs. UMass 7
20 Penn State vs. Cornell 10
11 Villanova vs. Yale 16
6 Bryant vs. Providence 7
5 Hartford vs. Boston U. 12
11 Hofstra vs. Monmouth 9
14 Johns Hopkins vs. Loyola 13 OT
10 Richmond vs. UMBC 5
19 Maryland vs. High Point 5
15 North Carolina vs. Lehigh 8
18 Virginia vs. Drexel 14
14 Vermont vs. Holy Cross 8
10 Georgetown vs. Notre Dame 16
16 Hobart vs. Siena 15
12 Rutgers vs. Army 10
22 Princeton vs. NJIT 8
5 Saint Joseph’s vs. Penn 10
10 Syracuse vs. Albany 9
5 Delaware vs. Navy 11
8 Detroit Mercy vs. Mercer 10
9 Cleveland State vs. Baldwin Wallace 2
5 Bellarmine vs. Michigan 13
13 Canisius vs. Dartmouth 8

15 Cleveland State vs. John Carroll 8
25 Brown vs. Quinnipiac 9
5 St. John’s vs. Stony Brook 14

The NCAA D1 Lacrosse Stat Freaks

This section will once again highlight some of the best performances from the week. Each category has a specific range we’re looking for. It’s just fun to highlight some of the gaudy performances out there.

Freak of the Week: This was a tough one. I really liked some of the gaudy point totals, and Marquette’s Cole Blazer saving all seven shots he faced was also impressive. But I think I have to turn it over to Mr. Matt Gilray from Bucknell. 10 GBs and four CTs in a close game where you don’t take a single faceoff is just impressive. Those are number you will not see much, if at all, this season.

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Matt Rambo – Maryland: 3G, 4A
Grant Ament – Penn St.: 6G, 3A
Ryder Garnsey – Notre Dame: 6G, 2A
Morgan Cheek – Harvard: 4G, 3A
Connor Kearnan – Canisius: 4G, 5A
Michael Sowers – Princeton: 2G, 5A
Zed Williams – Virginia: 2G, 5A
Mike D’Amario – Virginia: 7G
Jack Kniffin – Brown: 6G, 1A
Luke McCaleb – Brown: 4G, 3A
Dylan Molloy – Brown: 4G, 4A

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Kyle Abdellatif – Stony Brook: 5GB, 3CT
Nick Albanese – Sacred Heart: 8GB, 1CT
Jason Weber – Detroit Mercy: 7GB, 2CT
Chris Adamo – Lafayette: 7GB, 3CT
Johnny Surdick – Army West Point: 3GB, 5CT
Matt Gilray – Bucknell: 10GB, 4CT
Brendan Hynes – Richmond: 6GB, 2CT
Chase York – Jacksonville: 5GB, 3CT
Isaac Paparo – Massachusetts: 6GB, 2CT
Zach Currier – Princeton: 6GB, 2CT
Scott Hooper – Virginia: 5GB, 5CT
Jared Conners – Virginia: 7GB, 1CT
Larken Kemp – Brown: 7GB, 1CT

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Austin Henningsen – Maryland: 18/24
Collin Orr – Colgate: 14/19
Gerard Arceri – Penn St.: 15/21
Billy Lombardi – Penn St.: 10/13
Austin Henningsen – Maryland: 13/17
Justin Schwenk – Monmouth: 15/21
Alex Woodall – Towson: 13/16
Sam Bonafede – Princeton: 16/21
Hil Blaze – Furman: 16/21
Luke Brugel – Virginia: 12/15

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Tim Troutner – High Point: 14/17
Caleb Espinoza – Cleveland St.: 10/12
Christian Carson-Banister – Boston U.: 12/17
Bradley Hodoval – Mercer: 7/9
Benny Pugh – Richmond: 13/18
Dan Morris – Maryland: 12/16
Cole Blazer – Marquette: 7/7
Matthew Smidt – Ohio St.: 11/15
Josh Miller – Towson: 11/14
Ryan Kern – Navy: 14/19
Reed Junkin – Penn: 15/20
Tyler Blaisdell – Princeton: 5/7


The Big Upsets and Surprises

  • The only way to really start off this section is to talk about the epic game between Loyola and Hopkins. It was the only overtime game all weekend and it was a beauty! Loyola was up early, but they were not dominating Hopkins. They made some great shots that you couldn’t really hold the Hopkins D at fault for. Once the Jays got their scoring going, it was a back and forth affair for the rest of the game. In overtime, Joel Tinney had a ball fake for the ages and four Loyola defender bit on the fake, giving Tinney a wide open lane. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that defensive film review…

  • Another big matchup was Duke and Denver. Denver won as they were expected to, and by a healthy margin. I don’t think we learned too much from this game outside of yes, Denver is good. I’m not going to say Duke is doomed by any means, but they could definitely benefit from some wins, and soon.

  • In their first action in 2017, Marquette went down to Jacksonville for their opener. My major concern was how were they going to continue their 2016 success after losing program cornerstones like BJ Grill and Lima Byrnes. If I were a betting man, I would have bet heavily against a good defense to start the year. Fortunately, I don’t bet. Marquette held Jacksonville to a single goal, including their main keeper saving all seven shots he faced. Then they put up 17 of their own, which was a program record. I think they’ll be OK this year.
  • The Tambroni Bowl! After Jeff Tambroni left the coached perch at Cornell for Penn State, many were scratching their heads. He had Cornell absolutely humming and a they were a championship weekend regular. Penn State has produced some fantastic players, but postseason NCAA success was not their MO. His time in state college hasn’t been smooth sailing, but when he welcomed his old squad down across the NY/PA border, it was a decisive 20-10 victory. Penn State has been lighting up the scoreboard so far this season, and if they can keep this up, they have a real shot at a B1G conference title. You won’t top Hopkins or Maryland without and offense.
  • Speaking of Maryland, their offense has been nothing short of prolific. Beating High Point by 14? Yeah, that’s pretty good. Maryland has taken more heat than anyone about the slow down of offenses in the NCAA, and now they seem to be going the other way. I loved watching them play last year, and despite it still not producing a title for Coach Tillman, they’re sticking with the faster offense. It’s great so see and will make that conference a truly exciting battle all season long.
  • Speaking of B1G teams, Rutgers is one that is just on the brink of trying to break through. Their resume has been good the past few season, but not great. Winning from the start of the season through the end just has not been a thing. By topping a very talented Army squad by two early on in the season is a fantastic sign for what they can do this season.

  • Syracuse and Albany had the newest version of the budding thruway rivalry on Saturday and it proved to be a great one. Cuse started slow, just like they did against Siena, while Albany did not. Albany was almost able to run away with this, but Cuse fought back and scored the game winner with about a second left. This is when I like to remind people that the Syracuse Hallmark isn’t start to finish domination. It’s the ability to stage the unlikely comeback and win close games. For Cuse fans, this should be a very reassuring win.
  • To close out the weekend, it was Brown that really stole the show. In their debut under new head coach Mike Daly, they put on 25 points against Quinnipiac in a show that their fast paced offense is still in great hands. That was completely expected as Daly’s Tufts teams were who Brown’s new look was modeled after. It should be great to see if they can keep it up as the season goes on.

D1 Conference Comparison

What I think is really crazy about this table is that only three conferences have winning records. A few are close, but it’s just not there yet. Conference play will also start next week, so there actually won’t be too much shuffling in these rankings going forward. It will take quite a bit for the Big Ten to drop out of the top spot after this 18-0 start.

Conference Record % # of Teams
Big Ten 18-0 1.000 6
ACC 10-2 .833 5
Ivy 5-2 .714 7
America East 6-7 .462 7
Patriot 9-13 .429 9
Big East 5-7 .417 6
Colonial 4-6 .400 6
Northeast 6-10 .375 7
MAAC 5-9 .357 7
Southern 5-13 .278 8

I’ll be back each week with more scores, scorers, surprises, and conference comparisons. It’s D1 lacrosse time, and I love it.