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New Teams Joining NCAA DII Lax… In Missouri! Grow The Game!

David Palacios is back with more info on the D2 Lax scene! We’ve got an MCLA team in Missouri going NCAA D2, Canadians, Poms, LXM action, Adrenaline recruiting action and so much more!!! Come on in, the water is toasty!

It is with great pleasure that I inform you fellow LaxAllStars readers on some very great news coming out of St. Louis, MO!  The Lindenwood Lions have announced their acceptance into the Western Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association for the 2012 season.

I congratulate the Lions on their move and wish them luck in their next season.  The Lions come off a 16-7 2011 campaign with narrow losses to NCAA DII foes Mesa State & Florida Southern. As a side note, the Lions bringing in some solid up North talent boosting thanks to a couple Canucks and one English mate from across the pond.  Is it just me or is the WILA one of the most diverse confrences in terms of rosters? Canucks, Aussies, and Poms? Pretty awesome!

Once again congrats boys looking forward to the 2012 season.

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The WILA is a confrence that is growing quickly. RUMOR has it another DII school will announce plans to joing the WILA later this month. Stay tuned and this Big Kat will be sure to keep all you fellow lax rats up to date.

Lindenwood Lacrosse NCAA D2
WILA here we come!
LIon is kind of fierce, eh?

On another note…

Check out the Adrenaline ALL American Highlights:

Just some Sweeeeet west coast laxing.  The two Washington recruits Dominican picked up look veryyyy solid. That Cheezer by Powers is a thing of beauty.  Looks like Mesa and Domincan have a very strong recruiting class coming in. Also the recruit from NV going to NYIT is another solid pick up in the DII world.  I wish him luck on the Island!

These boys are sure to make a ruckus at the next level…

The LXM PRO was also this weekend.

Solid event. Great action, good crowd and some awesome laxing to boot. It was good to see Will Yeatman, Matt Drenan, and the Bratton brothers out there.  Haven’t seen Yeatman or Drenan lax in a while, so it was pretty sweet to see them dominate. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Y & D matchup close to the end. Drenan lands a sweet check on Yeatman. VERY VERY GOOD FOOTAGE!

Thanks to Adrenaline for putting on these two great events. Great coverage, keep on keeping on boys.

Jury is still out VEGAS OR TAHOE



Until the next time Amigos! (Editor’s Note: We still don’t understand how you could compare or even contrast Vegas and Tahoe in the Summer.  Not to mention Lax vs. No Lax… Is Palacios even serious with this question?  Maybe West Coast Lax DOES have a thing or two still to learn!)


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