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NEW: Weekly D1 Lacrosse Cartoons, by Jim Fenzel

The lacrosse media world has exploded with video, photos, content, GIFs, and so much more, but one thing that has always been lacking is a REALLY GOOD Weekly D1 Lacrosse Cartoon! Well, the days of waiting are OVER, and thanks to the one and only Jim Fenzel, we now have political style lacrosse cartoons to reflect the week’s action.

See the FULL Cartoon below! It is awesome. It is huge. Jim’s first Weekly D1 Lacrosse Cartoon? It’s EPIC!

I’m only using cap locks so much because I’m so excited. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for three decades.

Weekly D1 Lacrosse Cartoons by Jim Fenzel

#1 – King of the Hill

(Click on the image below to enlarge)

Weekly D1 lacrosse cartoon by jim fenzel Lacrosse Cartoons

Spend some time working your way through the details in the cartoon. There is just so much going on, and it’s all so darn accurate! Look for your team, and enjoy. Jim hits up every Top 20 team and a bunch that aren’t Top 20. It was a monumental effort. Golf clap, golf clap.

PLUS, if you follow Jim on Twitter, you get gems like THIS:

For D1 Top 20 ramblings, and even some good old fashioned American poetry (seriously), check out the effort Ryan Conwell and I put together.

To see more of Jim Fenzel’s excellent work, check out his website. He’s got a coffee mug or two on there you’re going to want to pick up at the very least!

Thanks again to Jim Fenzel for putting his artistic chops on the block, and serving up some Grade A prime cartoon action. We’re gobbling it up.

Jim will be back each week (maybe even twice per week!) with more one-of-a-kind Weekly D1 Lacrosse Cartoons. Enjoy, and if you see Jim on Twitter, give him some thanks and of course the all important follow.

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