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Hairy Upper Lax

Like a giant man’s upper lip, we’ve got a lot to cover.

It’s Mustache time!  Did you know that?  November is the month for mustaches. They fight diseases and make you look awesome.  I’ve been growing one for a month now (because I like to get ahead on things) and it allowed me to be a skinny little Mike Ditka for Halloween.  Added bonus.

Ditka never smirks. Slipped out of character.

After posting a highlight video of Tabor Academy in Massachusetts, I was promptly emailed another highlight video.  This time the highlights come from Cardozo HS in New York City.  I’ve seen some of these kids play in person at past Mayor’s Cup events and Citylax clinics and it’s great to see how much the game of lacrosse continues to spread in New York City.  Keep sending your videos in to

Little piece of advice for next time: cut the video down to 4 minutes or less and cut out all the pictures, just focus on video.  A good highlight is made up of 95% video.  But it’s a good effort from a young program and we love that they sent it in to us!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Cardozo Lacrosse Season 2010″]

I referenced the Mayor’s Cup up above. Don’t know what it is? Well, watch and learn:

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Mayors Cup of Lacrosse 2010- Boys”]

Basically, all of the teams in NYC get together for a day of scrimmages.  People like me volunteer, Nike sponsors the event and Citylax, along with the Sports Commission of NYC (basically an arm of the Mayor’s Office) puts on a top notch experience for all of the players and parents involved in lax in the Big Apple.  Always makes for a great day!

Moving up a bit on the lacrosse skill level ladder, I found a pretty solid highlight of James Irwin, who played for the New Zealand National Team in the last World Games.  He’s only 18 or 19 now but the kid can play and he’s got a good set of wheels on him.  Lacrosse of this quality being played in NZ, even 5 years ago, was unheard of.  Keep up the good work down there in the land where sheep outnumber men 20-1.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”James Irwin: Lacrosse Highlights”]

Moving a bit more further up the skill ladder, I managed to find some Hawai’i Lacrosse Invitational video that didn’t feature Wimmer Solutions and/or the Crease Moneky’s. Finally. A little diversity never hurts.  The video focuses on Lincoln Liesemeyer, a LSM, most likely out of Canada.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Lincoln Liesemeyer Hawaii Tournament Highlights”]

And we’ll finish up with a little photo action.

A practice shot from the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club in Corpus Christi, TX.  Josh Acut, of FBLax, has been pumping out content on LAS lately and the boys down in South Texas are playing a lot of lax.  Keep up the great work, fellas!

Someone needs to send these guys some reversibles ASAP!