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The JuCo Report: NJCAA Polls and Thoughts

Here we are again, with Onondaga sitting atop the NJCAA polls and the rest of the JuCo world wondering they can knock the Lazers down a couple pegs and steal a win, or even better, a win for a title! While some might think this years-running storyline is getting stale, I’m not tired of it yet, so I’m going to keep going, and then some!

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OCC is the top dog according to all the polls, and according to me. While I don’t matter like the polls do, I am one to disagree if possible, but here there simply is no possible. OCC has won more straight games than I can count, and they are running out of room in their championship hardware case. The local carpenter’s union might love them, but the rest of the JuCo world does not. But they should!

I don’t say other NJCAA teams should love OCC for beating them by outrageous scores, but they should love them for pushing the boundaries on what a JuCo team can be. OCC produces D1 players regularly, and places lots of other kids at D2 and D3 schools. Some other programs (notably Nassau) also do a great job with this, and can be competitive as well (Nassau again comes to mind). But every JuCo program knows that is the level they need to reach. And that’s a good thing.

Ok, enough about OCC and how they’re going to be great again, let’s get to the POLLS!

NJCAA Polls – 2 of them!

I’ll start out with the OFFICIAL NJCAA Poll, because why not? Number of total point votes is listed in parentheses.

  1. Onondaga (60)
  2. Essex (52)
  3. Nassau (50)
  4. Genesee (42)
  5. Suffolk (31)
  6. Anne Arundel (30)
  7. Howard (28)
  8. Herkimer (11)
  9. Dean (9)
  10. FLCC (9)

Monroe (3), Brookdale (2), Delaware Tech (1), ASA (1), and Harford (1) all received votes.

For a slightly different take, here is my certified Connor Wilson NJCAA Top 10, with some comments about each team:

1) Onondaga – To not put the Lazers at #1 would be a travesty. Phew, travesty averted.
2) Nassau – Depth, talent, and a competitive practice atmosphere will have NCC flying.
3) Essex – The best southern team in the NJCAA. Could be a finals contender!
4) Genesee – Year by year Genesee seems to improve. Hard to do, but impressive.
5) Suffolk – Suffolk has good up years. Is this an up year? Looks like probably?
6) Howard – Another strong souther team.
7) Anne Arundel – Some change could do AACC some good, loads of potential.
8) Dean – Can Dean make serious noise coming out of New England?
9) Finger Lakes – Another program on the rise.
10) ASA – ASA burst onto the scene, can they now make the next jump?

NJCAA Video!

You know I love it when there is NJCAA video to share, and this time around, there is! WOOOOO!!!

Ok, so this is from last year, but who cares? NJCAA video is rare and needs to be appreciated. So here is some College of Southern Maryland vs Howard CC action courtesy Matt Stoval:

Here’s some more stuff from last year:

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