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That Old Lacrosse Head: STX X2 – John Jay Dye

Welcome to Episode 2 of That Old Lacrosse Head! Today I’m fixing up a nicely dyed STX X2 head. The John Jay dye job is classic, and it needed to be cleaned up a little bit. The pocket? Well, the pocket was shallow, short disaster, and it needed a complete overhaul!

Each week I’ll be restringing and fixing up an old lacrosse head that has been donated to CityLax in NYC. CityLax brings the game of lacrosse to New York City public high school students. They are always in need of lacrosse sticks to give to new players and for use at free clinics, so I take old funky sticks and restore them to their potential glory!

See below for a new episode… It’s STX X2 time!

That Old Lacrosse Head: STX X2

You can check out our FIRST EVER Episode of That Old Lacrosse Head! I fixed up an OG Brine Edge and it came out amazing, old mesh and everything!

That Old Lacrosse Head: OG Brine Edge

And make sure you Subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel for a lot more great lacrosse video!

Make sure you check out our stringing archives all kinds of tricks and tips on how to dice up a head on your own. It’s filled with good info and fun stuff, so enjoy!

Next week we’ll have yet another head that needs to be fixed up before it can get into the hands of a New York City high school player via CityLax. Here’s a hint: It’s not offset, it’s a TOTAL classic, and it may or may not be the first traditional stick we fix up. You’ll just have to wait, watch, and see!

Thanks to all the people out there who have donated sticks to CityLax over the years. We’re making sure that they are all ready to go, but we couldn’t be doing this without your help and support! Keep it up, lax fam!