football on espn tv
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Open Letter To ESPN: Lacrosse Is Better Than Cheerleading

football on espn tv

Editor’s note:  Muamer Razic is NOT happy with some of the recent broadcasting selections the leader in sports has made lately. We don’t have much of a rebuttal, but we’re extremely biased lax heads!

OKAY Cheerleaders, you are finally being somewhat recognized as a “sport”, but for me to turn on ESPN and see a cheerleading “competition” instead of a lacrosse game is unforgivable.

Now I’m not trying to hate (not too much) on Cheerleading, because I know for a fact that I can’t do those splits in the air, but I honestly don’t think that any of those Cheerleaders could play lacrosse. They might be too worried about breaking a nail.

I really have nothing against Cheerleaders, only when they are on ESPN and a Lacrosse game is not.  Seriously, I’m 99.99% sure that anyone out there would LOVE to watch, or learn about, the game of lacrosse instead of watch girls with too much make-up on jump around like wild monkeys.

I don't think this needs a caption..

BUT… The point of the “rant” isn’t to hate on cheerleaders, it’s to hate on you, ESPN (although I really doubt they are reading this). Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US, and probably the world, and you have the audacity to show a cheerleading competition instead of a lacrosse game?  I’m very disappointed in you.  I would think the world leader in sports broadcasting would realize that a lot of people want to see Lacrosse games on regular TV.  No, not ESPN3 or ESPNU, but regular TV like ESPN, or even ESPN 2!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Mikey Powell hits Cheerleader”]

Mikey Powell knew this was eventually going to happen. I think he intentionally hit that cheerleader as a way of saying “Stop hogging the attention!” Yeah it was an accident, but I think he did is subconsciously.

Now to lighten the mood and get the focus back on actual sports, I present to you… Blake Griffin and all 214 of his dunks.

[fvplayer src=””]

I wonder what he would be like as a lacrosse player…