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PLL All Stars fan vote change Going Offsides
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Should PLL All Stars Fan Vote Be Changed?

This week, we give our takes on the PLL All Stars fan vote system, the impact of the TSN deal on the NLL, and we look at the PLL standings to talk what ifs.

Change The PLL All Stars Fan Vote

The fans voted, and the results are in: we have our PLL All Stars for 2021. The issue? Where do we start. The idea of an all-star game is to showcase the best players in the league, not the most popular, and a fan vote encourages popularity over production.

The Solution

One option is to call it a fan vote but still have the league just pick the best players. But that isn’t genuine and would create a PR nightmare if discovered. A more suitable solution is to combine the fan vote with any number of other things (coaches picks, commissioner pick, player vote, media vote, etc.). Combining the selection process across multiple stakeholders while lowering the impact of the fan vote increases the odds that we have a true PLL All-Star Game.

Oh Canada

To anyone who would listen, I’ve been discussing the need for a legitimate TV deal to help bring the NLL to the masses. The recent announcement that TSN signed a multi-year broadcast deal with the NLL will help do just that.

We don’t know the details yet, but in Canada you will be able to watch NLL games on your TV. I just hope they have a subscription plan for American viewers as well. Join us next week as we discuss the impact of this deal when NLL team owner and lacrosse dealmaker Oliver Marti joins the show.

PLL Standings

This league provides so much entertainment and drama, and it’s all fueled by the amount of talent and parity we see on a weekly basis. Any team can beat any other team on any given day. This week has some vital matchups as the Cannons will determine their own fate – if they lose two games, they’re essentially out. On the other hand, the Waterdogs could climb into the top four if they win both games. That’s insane.