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Quint Kessenich’s 2023 New Year’s Lacrosse Resolutions

Quint Kessenich sits down and gives his New Year’s lacrosse resolutions for the upcoming year.

Make groundballs your No.1 priority in 2023.

Resolve to not pick up greasers from the end line.

Goalies, make this the year you stop allowing inside pipe goals,

and react to rebounds with urgency.

Shooters resolve to remove the massive whip from your stick,

a stick that can not only shoot hard, but also throw accurate passes. 

Stop aiming for the pipe. This year, change levels. 

Playmakers, dodge to your strong hand and don’t settle for weak angled shots.

Defenders, don’t get beat topside or to the middle of the field

Move your feet when playing zone defense. 

Develop a vicious poke-check. 

Keep your head on a swivel. 

Play with two hands on your stick. 

Move the ball off the ground. 

Stop buying junk food. No junk in the fridge translates to less junk in the trunk.

Bring your backup stick to practice everyday. 

If you’re a coach, commit to having more fun in 2023. Make that your top resolution. 

Be on time. 

Touch the line on every sprint. 

Wear a mouthpiece. 

Sprint off the field and to jog between drills in practice, never walking. 

Never bully or tease an opponent. 

Help the new kid at practice. 

Stay after practice and work on skills. 

Stop drinking soda.

Remember to thank the parents who drive to practice.  

If you’re a parent, lose the focus on trophies and scholarships.

Don’t talk about the game in the car ride home. 

In 2023, let’s all buckle the entire chin strap. 

Wash your smelly/sweaty practice gear and air out your travel bag. 

Make eye contact with coach as he/she addresses the group. 

When you score a goal, promise to celebrate with your teammates. 

Seniors, set a strong example this year. 

Everybody resolve to communicate with your teammates while playing. 

Make the decision to watch film and take notes,

finding nuggets and applying them on the field. 

I resolve to delete the terms: lax, lacrosse community, and “our sport” from my personal lexicon. 

Take better care of your water logged lacrosse stick, muddy cleats, and soaked gloves. 

Coaches and parents, now is the time to stop yelling at officials. 

Make 2023 the year of relationships, seek solutions rather than harping on problems. 

Let the haters be your motivators. 

Make it a goal to stay off social media during the season. 

Do not be afraid to take risks in 2023. 

Focus on effort, not results.

Win or lose, let it go.

It’s just a game. 

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