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Ridiculous Double Spin Behind The Back Goal

Sometimes you get lucky and capture a fantastic highlight reel goal in a meaningless Summer game. That really doesn’t make it any less awesome. Glenn Adams (Wesleyan ’06) tucks a behind the back stinger on the crease after dodging through the defense with a flashy double spin move.

It’s showtime!

Glenn has seen time in the MLL, and is the all-time leading scorer for midfielders at Wesleyan. His younger brother Owen (Stony Brook) has also seen time in the MLL (and the two can pull of a MEAN hidden ball trick), and his youngest brother, Brent (Fairfield), currently plays midfield for the Boston Cannons.

We’ll be back with FULL highlights from Southampton, but for now, check out the Wesleyan – Tufts alumni match up, and a goal that is sure to make you LOL.