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Show LAS Your Old School: From Shortstick To Longpole

Bill Schick Fair Lawn NJ 1970s lacrosse

This week’s Old School post is close to my heart because it features a high school shortie being converted to a collegiate longpole.  Same thing happened to me in college.  Here son, maybe you should try defense?  It was a fair point.  I don’t know that this was the case with Bill Schick, so I’ll let him tell his own story:

Playing high school lax in Fair Lawn, NJ during the late 1970’s…  Our game field was a rock covered patch of ground behind the football stadium bleachers.  In 2011 the school celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the lacrosse program – now that’s Old School!

Bill Schick Fair Lawn NJ 1970s lacrosse

The playing conditions, and my position, changed in college.  In a photo from the early 1980’s, I’m playing defense for Ohio State in the Horse Shoe.  I feel obligated to disclose that the crowd is waiting for our game to end, and the spring inter-squad football game to begin. But it was a great opportunity to GTG!

Bill Schick OSU Lacrosse Maryland

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