Mad Men Episode 7, Season 5 Lacrosse Scene
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Show Us Your Old School: Mad Men Special

Do you watch Mad Men? These days it seems like everyone over the age of 25 does. It’s the best show on television… right behind Southpark and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Just ask LAS co-founder Ryan Craven.

This past Sunday, Episode 7 of Mad Men (Season 5) featured some hardcore lacrosse in the opening scene, which lasted roughly 30 seconds. The scene ended and suddenly, the LAS inbox was overflowing with email tips from lacrosse fans nationwide (shout out to Mike Brand for the screenshots!). Let’s be honest, it’s probably time to induct Don Draper into the lacrosse Hall of Fame after this episode.

Alright, enough of our babbling. Watch the opening scene below and click here for an episode recap if you need some context.

As you can see, Glen Bishop (the boy who received the phone call from Sally Draper) wasn’t exactly playing lacrosse. He was, however, rocking some fabulous top of the line lacrosse equipment in his quest to be a Hockrosscer champion.

Trailing only Hacky Sack and Ultimate in the affections of athletically disinclined boarding schoolers like Glen, the game involves using lacrosse sticks to play hockey with a soccer ball. Purists insist on the regulation bowling alley, but in a pinch, a dorm corridor will do. Hockrosscer is basically an anagram, incidentally, for Hotchkiss, where the game is believed to have originated, c. 1965.

Patrick Keefe of Slate Magazine

Is Hockrosscer the real deal or was the quote above from Slate just a big joke? We don’t know because we didn’t attend The Hotchkiss School. Prep school graduates, please set the record straight in the comments section below!

Mad Men Episode 7, Season 5 Lacrosse Scene

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