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SICK Canada Lacrosse Goal – Duel in Denver!

Team Canada took down the USA 11-9 and we have video of an unreal “team effort” goal by the Canadians. If you want a full game recap click here, if you want to see extremely interesting stats and game notes click here, and if you want to see a SICK goal by the Canadians, watch the video below!

The boys in red move the ball around the horn, get it to Jordan MacIntosh who drives righty on Matt Abbot. MacIntosh turns just below GLE and finds John Grant Junior on the high crease. Junior draws the attention of Lee Zink, and Michael Evans turns his head for one second and then Junior throws a lefty laser behind the back pass to Jordan McBride who finishes on the crease after a flurry of fakes.


The Canadians kept the US defense off balance for much of the game by attacking, pulling it out and then attacking again immediately by moving the ball. Their inside looks were impressive, and while the US was able to create some turnovers from the creative play, it also gave Canada opportunities to finish in tight, and they don’t typically miss from there.