Johns Hopkins vs Towson men's lacrosse 11
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SportsCenter Top 10 Features Virginia and Hopkins Men’s Lacrosse

Three lacrosse plays made ESPN SportsCenter’s Top Ten this past weekend, including two in the same day. As you all know by now, an amazing goal by John Grant Jr. was featured on Friday. Let’s take a look at the other two!

*Go ahead and cue up DJ Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over” while we take a look.*

Saturday’s Virginia vs. Hopkins game lived up to and exceeded all expectations, and two goals (scored less than a minute apart, by the way) produced SportCenter Top 10 Plays.

Checking in at #7 was Zach Palmer’s goal, previously featured by 412 Lax:

Virginia’s Matt White grabbed the #4 spot with a pretty decent goal of his own:

Yes, the announcer called him Matt Hopkins, but we’ll let that slide for now. Just happy to be here.

By the way, does ESPN have the goals in the right order? One hand with no angle vs. behind the back in traffic? I’ll leave it to you to decide, but let’s take a moment to appreciate what we’re seeing here. When was the last time you saw two plays from the same lacrosse game on the SportsCenter Top 10? It’s insane.

Think about it this way: When you include John Grant Jr.’s goal, we just experienced a twenty-four hour period that featured NHL, NBA and March Madness games (not to mention Tiger Woods playing like his old self), yet lacrosse accounted for 15% of SportsCenter’s Top Plays.

Are we turning a corner into mainstream media acceptance, or were these plays just so undeniably ridiculous that ESPN had no choice but to recognize their greatness?

Either way, pretty big weekend for lacrosse.

Johns Hopkins vs Towson men's lacrosse 11
Palmer's one handed effort? Insane.

We love seeing lacrosse on TV!