Stick Trick Saturday: LaxCon Takeover
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Stick Trick Saturday: LaxCon Takeover

Thanks for tuning back in for a very special episode of Stick Trick Saturday coming straight to your internet capable devices from the world-famous #LaxCon!

I had a lot of fun filming this episode, I’ll let the guest stars shine for themselves!

Stick Tricksters (in order of appearance)

The old Ghost and I made our way around the convention center floor looking for anyone and everyone who could throw down in the stick trick game.

Unfortunately the fire alarm got pulled at 5 o’clock so it cut my episode short, but I hope to have more episodes like this one in the future!

Just have fun watching this week’s collaboration, let us know who you think had the best moves in the comments below!

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I love each and everyone one of you guys sending in trick after trick! Here’s some of the best Orbiters of the week! I’ll be back with another challenge next Saturday…

Kaleb Manes

Daniel Brian

Elijah Owen

Jason Chioda

…and you guessed, Eric Huben showed me up again! I love this kid!


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Enjoy this week’s episode? Spread the word! Sharing your enthusiasm for our sport is a great way to help grow the game!