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tactik 2.0 maverik head gear review

Tactik 2.0 Maverik Head Review

I’ve had the Tactik 2.0 for over two weeks. I like the Maverik Tactik 2.0, and can easily see working it into the gamer rotation.

Here goes my first gear review on #TheGopherProject! I’ve had the Tactik 2.0 Maverik head for over two weeks. That’s my test period for heads/shafts, as I feel you can get an accurate assessment of how that item will perform during this time.  If you’re familiar with Connor’s previous reviews, we’ll be taking a few concepts from that.

Tactik 2.0 Maverik Head Gear Review

I have six pieces of criteria that I judge the head on:

Price Point 

This one’s pretty straight forward. How much does the head (unstrung) cost? At $89.99, it is the industry standard for the higher-end head. The head comes in four factory colors: white, black, grey and Maverik’s own color — Hyperlite Blue. An improved face-shape and true mid-pocket offset make this a welcome addition to the market.  

Position Specific

All heads now are geared towards a position or style and the Tactik 2.0 is no stranger to this.  Built for the do-it-all midfielder. Outside shooter? Dodger? Feeder? This head will handle all.  

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I’ve been clowned as a #scoopsnob by several buddies but this is one of the most critical parts of a head. If you can’t cut through the grass or turf and pick up the ball and move it downfield quickly, the head will never make it into the rotation for me.  The scoop on the Tactik 2.0 is greatly improved over previous heads like the Centrik or Tactik.  

Stringing Holes

Twenty well-placed sidewall holes give you every stringing option available.  I started with my normal mesh string-up and quickly switched to an inside weave without any difficulty.  The larger sidewall holes on the top-third of the head easily allow for sidewall, crosslace and shooters.  


I cannot find an issue with either.  I like the ball to sit mid to mid-high when dodging and release the ball out of the pocket quickly. This head did very well in both categories. I did not notice anything unusual when playing with this head. Sounds odd, but that is one of the best compliments I can give a head when I am using it.  If I don’t notice an issue, there isn’t one……

Overall Impression

Now, to be truthful, I have not liked Maverik heads in the past. I did not like the hold of the Kinetik and found the pocket placement on the Optik 2.0 to be too low for my liking.  Just because these heads didn’t work for my style, doesn’t mean it’s not a good head. I like the Tactik 2.0, and I can easily see it working into the gamer rotation soon. 

So, how did I string it up?  Here’s a quick video of how I did it:

Want to win either this Tactik 2.0 or an unstrung one?  Stay tuned for details on how. 

Remember to tag your string ups with #TheGopherProject to earn weekly string-up of the week honors!

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