Steve Beville and the Cortland Red Dragons

For the first time in a long time the Cortland Red Dragons will be looking for a new head coach. Longtime coach Steve Beville announced his retirement earlier this month after a 17-year run. A significant announcement for many reasons, this puts an end to one of the more remarkable coaching runs. Beville is the […]

23 Takeaways from the 2023 College Lacrosse Season

The 2023 college lacrosse season was remarkable in so many ways. A brand new champion was crowned, young programs made significant steps, and shockingly there was more controversy surrounding the current rules of the game. All in all, the game is as strong as it’s ever been and the 2023 college season has set us […]

Thank You Bill Tierney for Changing the Game

With the NCAA Tournament field being announced, the lacrosse world has come to realize that the Big East Championship was the last time they would see Coach Bill Tierney patrol the sidelines at the Division 1 level. With the Big Ten and Ivy League unfolding the way it did, it left Denver as one of […]

Bill Tierney Set to Retire After the 2023 Season

“When you know, you know.” Denver Men’s Lacrosse Coach and Hall of Famer Bill Tierney announced that the 2023 season would be his last on Thursday night. Coach Tierney coached for 48 years at two high schools and four colleges. His numbers alone would put him among the Mount Rushmore of lacrosse coaches. Denver’s press […]

Trevor Baptiste Player Profile

Trevor Baptiste

Trevor Baptiste is undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) faceoff specialists the game of lacrosse has ever seen. He was a NCAA Division 1 national champion at the University of Denver in 2015, an NCAA record holder, and still is one the most dominant faceoff specialists in professional lacrosse today. However, the most impressive […]

Princeton Lacrosse: 2022 Season Summary

Princeton Lacrosse

Who hasn’t gone into the fourth quarter or been in a locker room and heard the lyrics to this 80s power ballad blaring? The song parallels the journey the Princeton lacrosse program has taken over the last two years to get back to Championship Weekend.  Rising up, back on the streetDid my time, took my chancesWent […]

Four Lacrosse Drills to Liven Up Practice

Four Lacrosse Drills to Liven Up Your Practice

Even the most experienced coaches fall into the habit of repeating the same lacrosse drills on a weekly or even daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with repeating drills, but as we all know, players crave excitement and changing up the daily routine can help not only infuse excitement into the practice, it can also help […]

Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle’s Corner, Part 2

Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle's Corner - Part 2

Earlier this month we welcomed Coach Dave Cottle to the Lacrosse All Stars family with his new podcast “Coach Cottle’s Corner,” which provides insight into the game of lacrosse like never before. On episode one, Dave began a conversation with legendary coach Bill Tierney about his coaching past and the early days of his career. […]

Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle’s Corner

Bill Tierney in Coach Cottle's Corner - Part 1

Please join us in welcoming Coach Dave Cottle to Lacrosse All Stars! His weekly podcast “Coach Cottle’s Corner” will shine light on the game like never before thanks to unfiltered, off-the-cuff 1v1 discussions with the greatest minds in lacrosse. It all starts with the one and only Bill Tierney. Coach Cottle’s Corner Cottle, currently president […]

Men’s National Championship Coaches – NCAA Lacrosse History

coach DI men's coach coaching coaches lars tiffany uva national champions laxallstars

Editor’s note: Thanks for joining us over Memorial Day Weekend 2020 to help you heal those lax-blues… we didn’t even get to say goodbye… and our social outlets will be pumping out a non-stop stream of content from Thursday until Monday completely focused on some of the greatest NCAA National Championship moments from the […]

’92 Champ Fights On Coronavirus Front Lines

Coronavirus Front Lines

Editor’s note: The following article relating to Coronavirus was originally published by Princeton Athletics. Click here to read the full story. “Four goals,” he said, chuckling. “Four goals and two assists.” Those were his career scoring totals during his Princeton lacrosse career. Those numbers don’t begin to define what his experience as a Tiger was, […]