College Coaches on 2015 Face-Off Rules Changes

Loyola Hounds Lacrosse

Face-off rules have taking an extreme level of scrutiny over the last few years as some coaches believe that the idea of jamming the ball in the back of the stick to pick it up is removing some of the true skill that lacrosse is known for.

GameChanger Chat: Bill Tierney – Part 2

Bill Tierney GameChanger podcast part 2

This time around, Coach shares insights on winning the close games, going through the recruiting process and what he calls his “coaching blueprint,” so don’t miss the chance to hear it from one of the game’s greatest!

GameChanger Chat: Bill Tierney – Part 1

Bill Tierney lacrosse

In this episode we talk to Coach Tierney about things like how he got started with coaching, who he modeled his coaching style after, and how he developed the Princeton Defense.

Sheridan Named First Assistant at Princeton

Thailand Lacrosse Coach Dylan Sheridan

Four-year University of Denver men’s lacrosse assistant coach Dylan Sheridan has been named the first assistant at Princeton University, Tigers’ head coach Chris Bates announced on Wednesday.

Final Four Preview: D1 Lacrosse on Saturday

Lincoln Financial Field will host a lot of lacrosse this weekend, and two of the five games go down on Saturday, in the men’s lacrosse NCAA D1 semifinals. We’ve got Syracuse – Denver, and Duke – Cornell. Both should be excellent games. So let’s break down what we can expect from each match up.

Kentucky Lax Interview: Denver’s Chase Carraro

Pete Schroeder interviews Kentucky native, and current Denver star, Chase Carraro about his trip from a non-traditional lax area to D1 stardom, and what the changes at Denver are really like. Interesting and 100% relevant!

Denver’s REAL Key To Success: Being Better

Denver Lacross wins over Villanova

An anonymous blogger over on LaxUNation seems to think Bill Tierney badgered the refs, and THAT is how Denver beat Villanova… really, guy? I don’t think so. They did it by being a better team and playing with more composure.

Notre Dame: Why They Are The Future Of Lacrosse


What has made Notre Dame and Denver two of the top teams in NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse this year? Leadership. If you want to win lacrosse games, you simply have to have it. There is no other way.

Is Rob Pannell Better Than Ryan Boyle?

It is a lacrosse related question that does not need to be asked. But we’re asking it anyway. 412 inspired us. Is Cornell attackman Rob Pannell better than Princeton legend Ryan Boyle?

The Honest Truth About Zone Defense In Lacrosse

Spike Malangone Wesleyan Lacrosse MLL Draft

Why can’t lax people figure out the zone defense and what it really means for the Sport of Lacrosse? Connor Wilson breaks down the zone defense, busts some myths and even tells you how to score and beat a zone defense.

College Lacrosse Shorts

1924. "Lewis, Maryland Agricultural College." Lacrosse

The best lacrosse stories from the weekend. None of the obvious stuff you’ve seen everywhere else. Just the most interesting events, and a ton of links back to other sources. Let’s get deeper.