Faceoff U: Who Has Produced the Best Faceoff Specialists?

best lacrosse faceoff specialists

Welcome to something special: Position U. In this six-part series, your favorite college lacrosse lover, Ryan Conwell, will break down the NCAA DI men’s programs that can consider themselves the best at producing a given position in recent history. First, let’s get into who produces the best lacrosse faceoff specialists, a.k.a. Faceoff U. When trying […]

Hot Pot: Solving The Specialization Problem – One Rule

Lacrosse does have some issues, but almost all of them can be fixed with ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: Limit roster sizes to less than 20 player and you will see a change. I’ve seen it happen before, and it can happen again. We can keep tinkering with the rules, and distancing our game from its original inception, OR we can limit roster sizes and let the players play. It really is a simple choice.

FOGO GoPro Footage: Team TLN

Team TLN GoPro

Heeyoung Leem, one of the FOGOs on the Team TLN team I played on last weekend, rocked a GoPro in some of our games and got some great footage. The camera falls off right away in the first game, and is picked up by the ref – all hilariously caught on camera. Hee strapped on the GoPro for another game and caught footage of our warmups and some of the game.

The FOGO Head Thread

Forum Friday

This week, I’ve stumbled upon something originally posted June 1st! Even though it’s a few months old, there have been various replies this week to the post, which itself has a very catchy ring to it. It’s the FOGO Head Thread.

Open Thread: Who Is The Best Face-Off Mid of All Time?

lacrosse face off kiddie best

We’re asking the question “Who is the best face-off mid of all time?” and we need your help!!! Who are the face off legends of the game? What made them great? Who is the right now? It’s a face-off spectacular!

Devious Video Recap: Cornell vs. Princeton

Kyle gives his opinion on the Ivy League and takes lacrosse media to task over a suspicious lack of “dark stats”. Also touched on: cloning Chanenchuk, “Species” references, boffing, and debating “Long” as a first name.