The Ultimate Lacrosse Helmet Buyers Guide 2021-22

lacrosse helmet buyers guide

Welcome to quite possibly the most important buyers guide of them all: the lacrosse helmet buyers guide. One thing we all need is a good, reliable helmet. This is more than a requirement to play our lacrosse and to do so safely. From concussion and head injury prevention to overall comfort, there are so many […]

The Evolution of Cascade Lacrosse Helmets

Cascade lacrosse helmets

Whether they’re your favorite or not, at some point in your life, I guarantee you suited up with a lacrosse helmet from Cascade. Maybe that bucket even became your all-time favorite that will forever sit on your mantle at your home, maybe it didn’t. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that Cascade has […]

Ranking NCAA DI Men’s Lacrosse Tournament Helmets

lacrosse helmet rankings

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, and it graced us with some unforgettable lacrosse. It drew to an end a wild DI men’s tournament that had plenty of overtimes, insane goals, games determined in the final seconds and more. It also had tons of outstanding helmets, so we’re ranking the lacrosse buckets that were […]

Women’s Helmet: Common Sense Says Cuse

women's helmet: syracuse women's lacrosse

The women’s helmet: you either buy-in to the concept or you don’t. For the women’s lacrosse team over at Syracuse University, it seems to be unanimous – most players are wearing the new LX Headgear from Cascade.

NOCSAE Voids Two Helmet Certifications

2014 Team USA Lacrosse Helmet

NOCSAE Voids Two Helmet Warranties!

This is HUGE news, and it’s totally confusing, for a number of reasons. Let’s dig into this new NOCSAE issue headfirst!

The Great Helmet Hoax of 2014

Welcome to the great helmet hoax of 2014! Rumors have been swirling for over a year about a certain longtime lacrosse company getting into the helmet game, and when the alleged head protection device was supposedly shown off at Blue Chip this summer, the rumor mill officially switched to a higher gear.