Ranking the 2023 NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament Helmets

As the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse National Tournament captivates sports fans across the country, it’s not just the thrilling gameplay and remarkable athleticism that catch the eye. The teams’ lacrosse helmets, are on full display with distinctive designs and colors. These helmets not only serve as essential protective gear for the players but also […]

Ranking the Last Decade of D1 Lacrosse National Champions

Here we go again with the age-old question. Who’s the king of kings? Jordan or LeBron? Coke or Pepsi? In this article, we will try to rank the Division I Lacrosse National Champions from the last ten years and see who the alpha of all the alphas would be. Each of these teams demonstrated exceptional […]

Quint Kessenich’s 2023 NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament First-Round Reaction

The first-round of the 2023 NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse Tournament is officially in the books. The bracket is set for the Quarterfinals, but how exactly did this past weekend pan out? Richmond (8) at Virginia (17) A lightning delay in the first quarter combined with a monsoon made for soggy, water-logged, and slippery conditions. It […]

Breaking Down Each 2023 NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament Teams’ History

There’s nothing better than NCAA Lacrosse in May. Gone are the cold days of the early season, classes are finishing up, and you end up with the best of the best focused on nothing but lacrosse. Here we break down the NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Tournament matchups but in a more unconventional way. Here we […]

Quint Kessenich’s Reaction: 2023 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

You’re all 0-0 now. New season. 17 teams comprise the 2023 NCAA Men’s Division 1 lacrosse tournament. Here are some details on when these games will be played. The play-in game will take place on Wednesday May 10 First round games are on campus at the higher seed on May 13 and 14. They will be […]

Selection Sunday Predictions: NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse

We are coming down to the wire here with Selection Sunday for NCAA Men’s Division 1 Lacrosse only a few hours away. Some teams will control their tournament fate with how they finish their conference tournaments, while others will wait and see if the lacrosse gods and the selection committee will favor them. It’s been […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: May 1, 2023

Welcome to May. Conference championship Week is here. 40 teams vying for nine automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament. Just getting to this point is an achievement for some. For others it’s merely a step on the road to bigger goals. When the confetti settles, watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show on Sunday May 7th at […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: April 24, 2023

Hammer time. I’m astounded by Penn State, Army, and Johns Hopkins. Who could have predicted their rise? Growth and improvement are difficult to quantify. What’s the deal with Ohio State, Rutgers, Syracuse. and North Carolina? Feels like the bubble is shrinking every week as teams fail to cash in. Manhattan (10-4) clinched the top seed […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: April 17, 2023

Drama in the ACC and near catastrophic losses in the Big East defined the weekend. Rivalry Week is here with Hopkins-Maryland and Army-Navy. The playoff picture is crystallizing with nine AQ’s and eight at-large’s. The gap between Notre Dame, Duke, Virginia and the rest of the country feels severe, although things can change in late […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: April 3, 2023

With Easter Sunday on tap this weekend, there’s a more robust schedule of Friday games. This is the best time of year. We’ve got four consecutive weeks of league play followed by conference tournaments during the first weekend of May, with the NCAA Tournament Selection Show on the evening of Sunday May 7. There are […]

Brian Ruppel Maryland Lacrosse Goalie Spotlight

For the last decade, the University of Maryland has been a gold standard for NCAA Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse. The team motto of “Be The Best” has been embodied in the program with its consistent dominance across the sport. During the 2022 season, the Terps lived up to the saying and completed a perfect season capped […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: March 20, 2023

We are beyond the era of early recruiting, that is the recruitment of eighth and ninth graders. The result being the big name programs have risen to the top. Look at the Top 10. It’s heavily Big Ten and ACC with the Ivy League sprinkled in next. The early recruiting trend buried more than one […]