Paul Gait Went Off in 1989 National Championship

Paul Gait Went Off in 1989 National Championship

The year was 1989 and for the second-straight NCAA National Championship, Syracuse and the Gait brothers were on top of the world. The Orange had just blew the doors off Maryland the Saturday before, 18-8, drawing the first-ever crowd over 20,000 to the NCAA men’s lacrosse semis (20,615). Then it was time to take on […]

The Gait Brothers Are The GOATS… For Real

the gait brothers

Gait Lacrosse recently announced that they are BACK IN BUSINESS. The equipment company was founded by the Gait brothers — Gary and Paul — and we must say, it is a most joyous occasion to see the company back in the lacrosse world. We can hardly contain ourselves:   For those unfamiliar with the Gait […]

Traditional Thursday: Men’s Trakker Pocket


I am not the first person to create a Men’s Trakker Pocket. The fact is, this type of pocket has been around for well over a decade, and Paul Gait used to play with one in Major League Lacrosse. So what is the Trakker Pocket? How is it supposed to be used? And how can you use it to string up a fancy new pocket?

Throwback Thursday: Gait Brothers – 1994 MILL Finals

The Buffalo Bandits won the MILL title in 1992 and 1993. In 1994 they made it back to the Finals where they took on the Philadelpia Wings. The Wings had both Paul and Gary Gait on their team, as well as some other real legends, and they wanted to knock off the Bandits badly.

Throwback Thursday: Cuse Vs UNC Lacrosse 1990 Semis

Welcome to another superb Throwback Thursday! This week we’ve got some NCAA D1 semifinal action from 1990! It was UNC taking on Syracuse, and while Cuse had the big guns and names (Maracheck, Paul and Gary Gait, Pat McCabe, Matt Palumb), UNC wasn’t going down without a fight!

Best Old Box Lacrosse Video

This old ABC Sports video truly has it all. From the Gait Brothers to Dallas Eliuk to spandex, Jofa helmets and some of the best hair the 80s and 90s ever saw, not a single second of the video is anything less than awesome.

Traditional Thursday: MLL Championship Goals 2001-2003

It’s Traditional Thursday! This week we have Championship goals from Major League Lacrosse’s first three seasons, and each and every one is scored with a traditional stick! It’s a bygone day, where the best of the best all used leather and cross lace to get the job done. Lizards and Bayhawks just going AT IT!