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traditional_thursday Talking Traditional Pockets
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Talking Traditional Pockets with ComLax

Mark Donahue and I went out to ComLax on Long Island earlier this winter, and we met up with the String Master General, Mike Sullivan, to have some fun, and talk lacrosse pocket theory. What resulted was a collection of talking Traditional Pockets that rivals anything else out there. Listen and learn, Mike and I are dropping knowledge here!

Talking Traditional Pockets with ComLax

First up, let’s talk Pita pocket! Or dog track! Loved this conversation with Sully on a classic traditional pocket. Great stuff as we lay out what’s so great about the Pita Pocket!

SO MANY Pita variant pockets out there. Very cool! Do you guys agree that a Pita requires less maintenance than a regular traditional?

In this episode, Sully and I talk about the materials we use to string sticks. Can you use sidewall instead of crosslace? Can you use something instead of leathers? What works and what doesn’t?

See, you CAN use sidewall in a traditional stick! Told you.

Ok, so now that we’ve covered how great the Pita is, and how you can use many different materials in your stick, let’s talk diamond size! When stringing a traditional, diamond size is SO IMPORTANT. It gets a whole video, all of its own! Can you guess how many diamonds I personally prefer before watching the video?

Finally, we’ll cover the removable traditional pockets, and why they are so darn awesome. Seriously, you don’t HAVE to do it, but it really does make a lot of sense. I learned this from my brother. I don’t know where he learned it. It is AWESOME stuff.

Make sure you check out ComLax on YouTube! They’re our partner here at, and they also create consistently interesting videos! So check them out and subscribe to their channel! You won’t regret it!  Plenty of talking traditional pockets still to come!

Thanks again to Sully and guys at the ComLax in Carle Place, out on Long Island. We had a great day out there, and loved talking traditional pockets. And the Connor Versus episode from the day wasn’t too shabby either! Blindfold stringing is always fun!connor-versus-sully-from-comlax