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The Ice Box: Clothing Prep For Winter

What’s up there, LAS faithful? The Ice Box is back with some more slick lifestyle items for your viewing pleasure.  We scour the internet for the newest, freshest gear out there because even if looking good ON the field isn’t important to you, looking good OFF the field should be.

We’re starting off with a sweet winter jacket from Play Cloths.  The shiny jacket isn’t new and neither is the fur lined hood, but Play Cloths has a nice take on things as they combined the two.  It’s a bit flashy but will also keep your head toasty as you walk to in the cold.  And by signing up for JackThreads, you can get this gear considerably cheaper than retail.

warm warm new new

Our next featured brand and piece of clothing is this Tokyo Five flannel shirt.  The navy and white broad box check looks classic and T5 has used a Western influence of placing embroidered designs on the front of the shirt.  Except T5 doesn’t use cowboys or sparrows or catci, they use Samurai warriors.  I like it!  You can also get this gear from JackThreads.

sweet & simple plaid. plus angry samurai. hotness.

So now you’re looking good but your feet are freezing because it’s almost the fall.  Fair enough.  In order to maintain a touch of class, check out these unreal saddle shoes from G.H. Bass.  These guys know how to make shoes and I can personally vouch for them.  I’m wearing a pair of these (in a different colorway) right now that I bought 3 years ago.  They are still my most comfortable dressy shoe and only look better and better with normal wear and tear.  The shoes below are called the “Burlington.”  I highly recommend them.

so fresh, so clean. so fresh and so clean. clean.

For your daily fix of lifestyle & lax gear, make sure you check out!