What If Oregon Lax Rocked These Domes?


I’d like to start a movement.

The movement was ignited by Sweet Sweet Lax today. It requires your participation.

The Oregon Ducks men’s lacrosse team, and a few other teams out there, need to get helmets similar to these for the 2011 season. Plastic, paint, a vinyl sticker – it really doesn’t matter just as long as they look this good. I’m sure HeadWrapz.com can supply it.

412 hates it, but since when was he the tyrant of style? My vote calls for something different on a lacrosse helmet. And please, not a CPX-R fin.

Drop your vote and/or opinion in the comment section below, and I’ll see to it that the Ducks and every other team get the memo.


    • if you want custom helmet decals that cover the whole thing, check out http://www.headwrapz.com
      they could hook you up and team orders are around $100 per helmet.
      I just sent them a Gait helmet to wrap and I saw pics but haven’t gotten the helmet back yet. looks sick though. if they can wrap a Gait flawlessly, their product is legit! haha.

  1. Agreed. Lax helmets are dull and they all look alike – even more so than football. Although I love the traditional metallic green Orgeon helmet, that would look gorgeous on a lax bucket.
    I’m a big fan of modeling the lax helmet after the football helmet anyway. Like Michigan, ND, Ohio State, and Penn State do.
    Creole, your idea is golden. Loving it.