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lacrosse crosscheck UNC Maryland
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The Most Violent Crosscheck Ever

Last week I talked about speeding up the game of lacrosse by doing away with crosschecking altogether. Some people agreed, others disagreed vehemently, while still others thought it was just plain old stupid. Fair enough…

However, on Saturday during the Maryland vs. North Carolina NCAA Division 1 men’s lacrosse matchup, my article took on a little more relevance as the vast majority of us witnessed what might just have been the most violent crosscheck ever:

Want to know just how insane that penalty was? Look no further than #1 for UNC on the near sideline who literally forgets he’s playing lacrosse for a second, and instantly reacts in shock to the hit. It really was that brutal.

lacrosse crosscheck UNC Maryland
High hit, late hit, and a crosscheck.

Do you still think crosschecking is an awesome part of the game?

Joey Sankey had three INSANE goals and Steven Rastivo made a sick save to seal the win, but this fight is the big game’s “highlight”.

Crosschecking isn’t tough, and it’s not meant to be a part of field lacrosse. Defenders who need to crosscheck to successfully play defense are straight up lazy or unskilled, and they don’t deserve to be playing the field game at this level. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.