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Traditional Lacrosse Pocket Tutorial
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Traditional Lacrosse Pocket Tutorial: One String

I’m back with another “how-to” video, and this time around it’s a traditional lacrosse pocket tutorial. This video focuses on the single string method of stringing or netting a traditional diamond leather lacrosse pocket. I used a matte grey Gait Recon XL Universal spec head from Gait Lacrosse, bright orange cross lace, white leathers, white sidewall, and four shooting strings. It’s about as six diamond as a six diamond gets!

For more great stringing knowledge, check out our Stringing Archive! We do a whole lot more than just traditional lacrosse pockets, as you can see! Fancy mesh top strings, mesh pockets, college legal pockets, pita pockets… we’ve literally got it all. So enjoy!

More Traditional Lacrosse Pocket Tutorial

Here is a two-leather traditional lacrosse pocket tutorial, also known as the “Shook Shakedown”. It’s tough, but awesome when done right!

And here is the old Pita Pocket Tutorial! 50,000 views on YouTube and counting!

Maybe you want to do a multiple string, and not a single string traditional pocket? Ok, here you go:

Maybe you want to add a Tear Drop Top String to your creation…

That certainly makes it easier to transfer your pocket from stick to stick!

Still don’t believe me that traditional is important and awesome? Then believe Jeremy Thompson!

Listen, traditional is not easy. It takes time, loads of practice, and a lot of dedication. That is why we made all these traditional lacrosse pocket tutorial videos! If you’re the kind of player who sleeps with their stick on nights before games, it might be for you. If you leave your stick in the locker when it’s not game or practice time? Probably not. A good traditional pocket takes time to string, and it takes time to break in. It’s a lot of maintenance, and work, and for a lot of people they’re just not into that. I get it, I do…

But when you put together a truly special and well strung traditional, you’ll notice the difference. Make this your Summer of stringing, and you’ll see what I mean!