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Training for lacrosse with Connor Martin
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Tuesdays w/ Con ≈ Training Mentally, Physically and Spontaneously

As always, these vids are making fun of stuff that I actually do, think some times, or have been guilty of… But training is the real deal in our sport.

You can waste a lot of time training the wrong way for the wrong things. Here’s a couple things that really helped me when I was getting paid to play lacrosse, on the weekends, sometimes…

What are some of your favorite methods for training yourself?

Mentally: VISUALIZATION! This is real. Michael Jordan does it, Peyton Manning does it, I bet your awesome mom does it. Expect great things out of yourself, see yourself doing them and then when the moment presents itself you won’t have to think, you’ll just do.

It’s obviously useless without having any skill but it’s a powerful tool. We live in a cool world and we have power beyond what we think!

Physically: I like to make fun of working out because we all know how ridiculous it can get, but I was a gym rat in college and in the pros. A skinny guy like me needs to be stronger than he looks and work to pack some meat on those bones to take the beating on the smaller frame. You don’t have to be the biggest guy, but a great way to not get hurt and shoot harder is work outing.

Now do it right… Don’t just bench press and curl. Do all the stuff you hate that all those smart people on the internet tell you to do.

Spontaneously: When you practice, don’t do it in slow motion and don’t be so predictable. After you dial in the things you’re best at, leave some time to get crazy and do fun things you wouldn’t normally try.

Also get your buds to throw you bad passes and see if you can make plays out of them. It helps make practice fun and gets you ready for the chaos that games really bring!

What can we learn from running bleachers and do you recommend the “over the seats” technique?

Whatever you do, NEVER RUN BLEACHERS. Your ankles will explode.

What does a kid have to do to get paid to play pro lacrosse, even if it’s only sometimes?

Jeeze louise. Because I’m the guy who made it from a MCLA club to a 4 year run in the pros, a lot of people ask me this question.

My situation was insane, it was all about timing and honestly the way I marketed myself with all of my ridiculous videos got me a try out.

At the end of the day it’s all about vision and self-awareness, aka do you actually have the potential?

Can you take the risks and deal with the crap that it takes to actualize your vision. You tell me? Now go get it if ya want it!

Do the short shorts help your training? How short should I go?

I don’t know who influenced this lifestyle choice or when it switched, but I’m a big above the knees guy.

Obviously you don’t want your “you know what” dipping out, so be careful, but push the limits and see how liberated you’ll feel.

Speaking of that, how can I avoid injuring the family jewels?

I’ve never worn a cup and it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done and still continue to do. Just wear cups kids, in this video I actually had my buddy drill me and it was horrible… horrible!

How did you get Peyton Manning to let you practice on his field?

Peyton was really cool and gave me the keys to the building one day. I guess he’s a really big Con Bro Chill fan and he probably sends his kids to the Boom Town Lax camps in Denver.

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Thanks for hangin’ out with me on another Tuesday w/ Con! I’ll be back again next week, likely with another attempt at the great sports commercial of all time!

Let me know in the comments if I’m almost there! I think they’re getting a little more glorious every time!