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Wayward Trading Post with Skaggs – Going Offsides

What is Wayward Trading Post? In short, it’s a collection of carefully curated items created by owners Tina and Justin Skaggs.

Who is Justin Skaggs? If the name sounds familiar that’s because the former stylin strings guru and uber skilled wood stick maker is no stranger to the LAS platform. He is using the Wayward Trading Post to allow him to expand his horizons and fill the creative vacuum that making sticks alone couldn’t fulfill.

Justin and Tina have taken their passion for lacrosse and repurposed it into a unique line of products that are not only incredibly useful, they could also save your life?

Have you ever been walking through the woods and needed a blanket for warmth, matches for a fire, a knife for protection, or needed to wrap check a wild aggressive animal (not recommended), check out the Wayward Survival Stick

Last Week:

In Episode 20 we spoke to Dan the CEO and Founder (and former d1/d2 middie) of Signature Sports. Signature is rising brand in the game that’s well known for premium lacrosse balls, innovative lacrosse nets, and now their changing the way team apparel and gear orders are processed. Check Signature out

Next Week:

 Episode 22 is it, we’re bringing on Syracuse legend Ric Beardsley and he’s got some great stories, insights, and ideas for the listeners. By far one of the coolest and most enlightening interviews we’ve done so far. If you don’t already, he is a virtual must follow on IG @Ricbeardsley . In week 23 we talk to Florida Southern Head Coach Marty Ward. Stay tuned for more great episodes as we continue to grow the show!

Make sure to hit us up on Instagram @going_offsides_podcast and twitter @goingoffsides to see what’s going on with the pod, who we’re having next, and for some sweet giveaways.