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LAS_white short by Steaker Sports
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Weekend Lacrosse Shorts: Streaker Sports, ND Loses, Hop Wins, Saturday Action, NLL Boxla & Video!

Saturday lacrosse action.  Plenty to talk about!  Games today, games yesterday, selection sunday is tomorrow.  Plus the NLL playoffs continue with the Semifinals.  Is anyone else out there hoping the NLL will start doing best of 3 series for the Semis and finals, or is it just me?  On to the lax stories! Then shorts.  Then Previews.  And finally, some nonsense!  A perfect Saturday…

UNC – ND was one heck of a game!

Anyone catch the games last night?  I really thought ND would come out with more fire and put some goals away early, but it was UNC that got rolling early, even with the superb play of ND keeper, Kemp.  Galasso was a factor early and often, but then left the game for a while after getting banged up.  With Galasso hurt, things changed, and UNC grew stagnant on O.  Galasso returning may not have mattered that much though, as the ND defense really clamped down. However, ND couldn’t quite muster the comeback, and UNC held on for the 9-8 OT win.  The end of the game was really amazing as ND came back to tie it up late, and it definitely made me hope that more ND games will be broadcast next year.  They play a controlled style of play, but it’s far from boring.

Now, if they want to win a national championship this year, they may need to do things a little differently in the NCAAs.  Towards the end of the game against UNC, they started to create chances on their own.  And it wasn’t UNC playing a sit-back zone, or anything like that.  It was ND.  They were playing differently.  They were still being smart with the ball, they were hustling, and doing all the things that ND preaches.  But they were also taking some risks, and CREATING changes, not just taking what they were given. Just like Hopkins started doing when they went on their run.  UNC will love that first round home field game in the tourney!

The Tar Heels are clicking nicely late in the season.  It’s great to finally see this from the Chapel Hill crew.


Speaking of Hopkins? Of course I was.

Hopkins and Army also played on TV and Hop won 15-10.  They were really in control for the vast majority of the game, and I really like Hop to go deep into the NCAAs this year.  This bodes well for the Blue Jays.  It is a sign of strength to be able to go up on a team like Army, NOT fall back into a defensive shell, and continue to score as they put up points.  A 15-10 win and the Jays are ready for the big time.  Not bad for a team made up mostly of sophomores!!!  Look out for these guys for the next 2 years at least.


Help Us Rate these LaxAllStars,com Shorts!

Streaker Sports combines that old school aesthetic with a modern feel and design.  And they do a great job.  They’ve done shorts for Princeton lately, and they were a huge hit.  Makes sense seeing as Grant Hewit, of Streaker Sports, is an ex-Princeton laxer!

Streaker came up with a design for LAS that is truly different from what we’ve done in the past.  So what do you guys think?  Would you like to be able to buy these shorts?  Make enough noise, and we’ll make it happen!

LAS_white short by Steaker Sports
The possible LaxAllStars "White" Short.

Would you rock these shorts?customer surveys


NLL Semifinals are Going DOWN This Weekend!

Buffalo got by a tough Boston team and Toronto got by Rochester.  Now these two Eastern Conference teams are meeting once again, but this time it will decided who goes to the Finals.  Both teams are 11-6, and play a definite system.  Toronto has lots of weapons on O and shares the ball fluidly.  Buffalo has players who embrace their roles, and have guys all over the floor who can put the ball away under the right circumstances.  I like Toronto, but wouldn’t be surprised to see Buffalo sneak away with a win either.

Like Toronto, Washington also travels to play their semi-final game, but they head to Calgary to take on the Roughnecks.  Calgary has been tough all year and a favorite to win the West, and I like them to win here.  Washington is very good, but Calgary has that toughness factor that no other team in the league can boast to the same level.  Calgary gets through with some goals, faceoff wins and fists from Geoff Snider.


This Saturday’s Games on TV and the Internet

We’ve got a ton of lac action today and it should all be taken in!  At 1pm on Sports NY, you can watch Cuse play St. John’s.  Hopefully you live in NY.  If you DON’T live in NY, you can still watch The ECAC Championship Game from Denver on ESPNU.  This will also be played at 1pm EST.  At 3pm, the America East Final will be shown on CBS College Sports.  On Sunday, there is an NLL game on Versus at 2pm, and the Texas HS State Finals (Div 1 at 330pm and Div 2 game at 1pm) will be played on Fox College Sports Atlantic.  Over on ESPNU on Sunday, the Ivy League finals will be shown, in what should be a great game!  So much lax!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Highlights: Harvard Men’s Lacrosse vs. Penn”]

But we’re not done yet…

If you want to watch some Division 3 games, head on over to Laxpower’s LAGR (Live Action Game Reports) where links to webcasts can be found.  Want to take in the NESCAC semifinals or finals?  Well, you don’t need to travel to Medford, MA… the internet is your friend!


Don’t Forget Your Chance to Shape The Future Of Lacrosse!



WTF is going on here?

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Davenport – Dayton: CCLA Semifinal Video Action

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Davenport Men’s Lacrosse vs Dayton – CCLA Semifinals”]