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We’re Out Here: Oregon Lacrosse Duckumentary

BHSVideoDad is back making amazing videos.  He is the best video journalist in the MCLA, and probably all of college lacrosse.  The man’s work is top shelf all day, every day.  Both Jeff and Ryan played at Oregon (where BHSVideoDad works his craft) so they’re obviously biased here, but I’ve never even met the guy and I think his video work is legendary.

Does a video like this help your program?

I can’t see how it wouldn’t.  The team comes off looking good and it definitely gets the Oregon Lacrosse name out there.  I would post any team’s video if it were this good.  Add in that Oregon is a top 10 program right now and that’s a recipe for success.

Now if they get geared out this year and take up the Oregon mantle of looking good and dominating on the field, they could be the next Dynasty style team, like Michigan is now.  And then a move to D1 could even be discussed, although I don’t know that the move to the NCAA is the top priority right now.  Right now it just seems to be playing really good lacrosse.  Add that to the chance to go to UO and it sells itself.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”"We’re Out Here," an Oregon Lacrosse Duckumentary”]

Just for fun, we’ll also put in a video report on the Oregon-Michigan game from 2010. Why not? Everyone loves highlights. Oregon was SO close. Maybe in 2011! Either way, more BHSVideoDad work, at its finest.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Oregon vs Michigan Lacrosse Patriot Cup 2010″]