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What You Do When No One Is Looking…

Two very talented players took two very different paths to greatness, so what makes a player great? Is it the work no one sees? Or the work everyone when everyone is looking?

Going with the flow is a great way to get along, without standing out. You do what everyone else does, you make the same gains as your peers, and you stay within an acceptable range. For many that is enough, and if that’s what you want, then stick with it.

If you want something more, it has to come from somewhere else… and this concept has everything to do with what YOU do when no one is looking… or when everyone is!

Rob Pannell is a classic example of the former. Pannell is a guy who just decided, one day, to start putting in the work. From there he just kept on putting in the extra hours and improving, and today many regard him as the best player in the college game, even though he’s not the biggest or fastest guy on the field. People didn’t necessarily see Rob improve, but they sure took note of the improvement.

Check out Jonny Namer’s ONE BIG Question with Rob Pannell for more.

And on the other side of the spectrum, the latter couldn’t be exemplified better by anyone other than Mike Powell. Legend has it that Mike asked his mom to sew a holster on to his pants at a young age, but it wasn’t for a gun. It was for his lacrosse stick. A game of pass before the bus came? Let’s do it. A couple of wall ball tosses on the way in to school? Of course. Mike didn’t have many girlfriends because of this obsession, but he didn’t care because he had lacrosse.


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For more on Mike, and his quest to find the Ultimate Stick that matches his game, check out Mike Powell’s Search for the Ultimate Lacrosse Stick.

The great thing about this game is that the two above scenarios are only the beginning of what you can do to become a better player. I’m sure guys like John Grant Junior, John Gagliardi and Kyle Harrison have stories like the ones above, and I’m sure that they are each a little different.

The issue at hand here is whether or not you are willing to get out there and do it. It’s about turning your passion into a reality. Improvement knows no age limit, and the opportunity is right there, right now. So what’s your secret or open obsession? And why aren’t you doing it right now?

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