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Wheelchair Lacrosse At LaxCon

The guys from Wheelchair Lacrosse put on a demo game around midday Saturday at the US Lacrosse Convention, and for many in attendance, it was their first experience with wheelchair lacrosse. I had seen a number of videos before, and I have spoken with the guys who run wheelchair lacrosse, but I had never actually sat down and watched the game being played in person.

LaxCon 2015 changed all that. I sat and watched the Wheelchair Lacrosse athletes get after it for about 20 to 30 minutes. I filmed a little bit, but mostly I just watched, and learned.

I saw how face offs are done like they are in draws for the women’s game because the players can’t get their sticks flat down on the ground. I saw how one handed passing way key, so that your other hand could work the chair. I also noticed how supremely difficult it was to carry the ball and move quickly down the floor, and because of this, passing took on an added importance.

I also learned more about the Wheelchair Lacrosse group than I had heard before, and what impressed me the most was the fact that only about FOUR of the guys putting in work on the floor had played lacrosse before they were in a wheelchair. The vast majority of these players picked the sport up in recent years, and only after they were in a chair. To hear that and then witness the level of skill out there was inspiring. Some of these guys have come a LONG way in only a short time.

Wheelchair Lacrosse at LaxCon 2015

Off the floor, the Wheelchair Lacrosse guys were a huge hit as well. We saw them out at bars and restaurants, and they were always wearing their Wheelchair Lacrosse gear, with huge smiles plastered across their faces. They were all superb ambassadors for their growing version of the sport.

If there any wheelchair athletes out there who have never tried Wheelchair Lacrosse, we highly recommend that they give it a shot. Not only does it look fun and tough, but the small existing community is also filled with good guys. You can find Wheelchair Lacrosse on twitter and facebook to see more, and make sure you check out their website as well!

We wish the entire Wheelchair Lacrosse community the best of luck as they continue to expand this wonderful new version of the game!