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Wilson’s Wheelhouse: Let Me Dope You

Sure, it’s the fall, but that doesn’t mean the lacrosse world isn’t churning out new gear and trends in anticipation of the 2011 season.  The chrome takeover has really latched on to the lax world as Nike will be selling chrome heads at retail locations like Lax Unlimited.  You’ll also see more chrome in the NLL as guys like Kyle Hartzell are getting their Reebok heads done.  The chroming trend is interesting and I think it would look great on a helmet.  That can only be another month or two away at this point.

What will be most interesting about the Reebok 10k that got the chrome treatment above is whether or not the chrome can stand up to the beating that it will undoubtedly receive from the box game.  If you think the MLL guys bang their sticks up, you need to watch an NLL game.  It’s like an average night at the Road House, pre-Patrick Swayze.

Another trend we saw this past spring and summer was the dyeing and customization of mesh pieces. MarcMesh is clearly leading the way and their product can be seen in both the MLL and NLL.  Toronto Nationals goalie, Scott Rodgers, could be seen rocking the big maple leaf in his goalie stick.

The design in the mesh works best on goalie mesh as it provides the biggest canvas, but it can also be seen in tw0-color variations on the sticks of players like Paul Rabil.

We were sent a picture of a piece of mesh that was created for Trilogy Lacrosse, and it definitely lives up to the standard some of the older designs set.  It’s a shame you can’t use multi-color mesh under NCAA rules (they worry about an advantage being gained where players could paint a white circle in their mesh that would resemble a ball.  Might make the hidden ball trick easier!), but it’s great for the pros and for any and all summer lax.

Our last noteworthy trend is the silver or chrome box facemask.  I’ve got the old black mask on a hockey helmet, but I really do want a new silver mask and it’s not just about the color for once!  The revamped design really seems to allow for unparalleled vision on the floor.  And while it still provides really good facial protection, it also seems less cumbersome than an older mask.  See for yourself!

Finally, I think long hair is coming back into favor.  And no, I’m not talking about this half-assed flow movement that has taken over Facebook and lax-speak amongst the younger set.  You can grow flow in a matter of months or even weeks.  Long hair, like lacrosse, takes true commitment and I think the Ken Clausen/Thompson Brothers style of long hair will be seen more and more on the lacrosse field.  I’m growing mine out and although right now I am only at flow status, if you check back in 6 months I should be at full-fledged hippie level.  Keep me real.

And if all of these boxla pictures didn’t get you excited, maybe the fact that NYC might have a box league this winter will (which will be played OUTDOORS! Time to MAN UP! haha)!!!!  Email me if you live in the area and are interested in playing.  Location will be in either Manhattan or Brooklyn and accessible by Subway.