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Wooden Lacrosse Sticks – Old & New – #TBT

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Today’s post will focus on wooden lacrosse sticks, but there is so much more to say and see that a video was quite simply required.

Below, I talk about the new wooden lacrosse sticks that were for sale in Denver (I purchased one!), and I also talk about some other wooden lacrosse sticks in my possession that have their own points of interest. If you think you know lacrosse sticks, but only know about Warrior, STX, Brine, Maverik, Epoch, and some others, you might not know as much as you think!

Wooden Lacrosse Sticks – New & Old

I have to say that stick from Traditional Lacrosse is pretty superb. I got to string up my own, and also strung one for Kacy Small, of the Thailand Lacrosse team. Our Head Coach, Dylan Sheridan, also picked up a stick, and it has bootlace instead of cross lace. It looks like it will throw dimes. It was classic and perfect. A number of others also got wooden lacrosse sticks, and I know that Throne of String will have a video on his in no time.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who could give me a lesson or two on wooden lacrosse sticks, so feel free to add your comments below if you have something worth sharing with others. People helping people. Isn’t it awesome?

For more traditional stringing inspiration check out our World Lacrosse Championships Traditional Thursday, or peruse our archive of stories on traditional stringing. There is plenty to go around!

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for up to date and awesome lacrosse video. It’s another superb resource.

We promise to do a wooden lacrosse stick refurb how-to/tutorial by the end of this Summer, or early this Fall. We know people are yearning for it… heck, we’re yearning for it ourselves, just so it’s out there. Have no fear, it’s coming.