England Australia Box lacrosse WILC
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World Indoor Lacrosse Championships (WILC) Update + Game Photos!

The WILC is off and running!  Exciting times for international box lacrosse.  It’s being played in Prague and the field is comprised of 8 different countries, from across the globe.  In Group A, we have Canada, England, Australia, and Slovakia.  Group B has the Iroquois Nationals, The USA, The Czech Republic, and Ireland.  Canada and England are both 1-0, while both the US and the Iroquois are 2-0 in Group B.  It’s been mostly blowouts early, but that is soon to change!

And here’s a bonus question…  Can you use a longstick in box lacrosse? ( e.g. a stick longer than 42 inches?)

Ireland vs. The Iroquois Nationals

Ireland Iroquis box lacrosse WILC
Lefty on lefty.

England vs. Australia – just from the photos this looks like a REALLY physical game.

England Australia Box lacrosse WILC
Aussie sandwich.
England Australia Box lacrosse WILC
Swim move. Obviously.

USA vs The Czech Republic – Brian Langtry’s hair gives us all something to aspire to.  USA channels their inner 1980 US Hockey team with the uniforms.  Super sweet sweaters.

Brian Langtry Team USA indoor box lacrosse WILC 2011
Langtry going OTH.

Canada vs. Slovakia – Canada has cool jerseys and what look like the same new Gait gloves that Virginia got for their Elite 8 game.  A step in the same direction, but from appearance along, they’re a step up.  Canada loves boxla.  Winner winner.

Canada Box lacrosse WILC 2011 SLovakia lax
Love the sweaters.

USA vs Ireland

USa Box lacrosse WILC 2011 lax Ireland
More 1980 sweater inspriation. like.

The Czech Republic vs The Iroquois Nationals

Iroquois Box lacrosse WILC 2011 lax Czech Republic
Jammer with the dive!

For full galleries of all the games, you can check out Mr. Eduard Erben’s (CPA Czech Photo) most excellent photographic work.  Really great stuff!!!  The answer to the bonus question is yes.  You can use a stick up to 46″ long.   Is Sid Smith is rocking one?

Ireland Iroquis box lacrosse WILC
Is that a 46 incher?