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Traditional Thursday: Cross-Gender Pocket

I recently strung up a bunch of women’s sticks for some local girls in NYC and Ted Glynn. Instead of throwing out the center track, I recycled it and experimented with it in a men’s lacrosse head.

Traditional Thursday: Pita In A Woodie

Welcome back to another Traditional Thursday. Today I re-string a Bacharach Rasin vintage wooden lacrosse stick. Big thanks to Joe Nocella of Brooklyn Lacrosse Club and 718 Cyclery for hooking it up!
Traditional Thursday Easton Stealth Core

Traditional Thursday: Sidewall Experiment

Welcome back to another traditional Thursday. This week, I had the pleasure of stringing up a lacrosse head for long-time LAS reader Paul Jones. He gave me free-reign on this Easton Core, so I had to come up with something special for him.

Traditional Friday? Leather Pull Strings

When you look at this lacrosse head I've strung up, you will notice that the bottom holes aren’t like any other lacrosse head. There are only 2 holes and the sidewall is so spaced out that you can’t really pull a leather through the last sidewall like you can with a STX Proton/Super Power. So I decided to use floating leathers in this pocket.

Billy’s Snow Day Shoot Around

The older prototype that I had here is a metal one, and not carbon fiber. I've used a carbon fiber flex shaft before and was able to get a lot of flex and snap on my shots. I was really interested to see if I could make this work on a metal Epoch shaft. So we took it out and went shooting. The real point was to go shoot... always is!
traditional thursday billy nguyen's double traditional

Traditional Thursday: Double Traditional

We're getting weird this week on #traditionalthursday. We've seen Connor Wilson's take on the double traditional in the past, but this week I took it literally and doubled up on the lace. Let's get down on some leather and lace theory...

Traditional Thursday: 2 Diamond Pita Pocket

Welcome back to traditional Thursday. This week, we're seeing how low we can go. We're talking 2 diamond trads and diamond size theory. Sometimes less is more...

Traditional Thursday: Inside Billy’s Mind

I'm beginning to see this style shooting string pop up everywhere now, often at youth practices, and usually in neon colors for some reason... But I couldn't ignore it any longer, especially now that our boy Ratzke hooked us up with a tutorial and in depth explanation on how it works. I decided to try this out in my gamer. I'm tired of seeing these things in mesh, why not use it in a traditional too?

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