CONTEST: Help CVLC Pick A New Uniform


The Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club has chosen their new game shorts and shooters for the upcoming 2011 season. The only thing left up for debate is the jersey.  First we’ll show you the shorts and shooter.  Then we’ll show you the two jersey choices.

CVLC has even offered up a pair of their custom shorts (which are sick) to one of our commenters!!  For your chance to win the shorts, all you have to do is:

1) Like this page:

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2) Cast your vote in the comments section below, and…

3) Along with your vote, tell us WHY:

Your comment will have to be better than that to win the shorts though!

It’s pretty simple!  We’ll pick a winner based on the overall awesomeness and reasoning of their comment. Take your time, do it right and win sweet shorts. What a Friday!  We’ll announce the winner on Monday in Jeff Brunelle’s HOT POT!

Here are the shooters and shorts:

Those shorts are unreal!!!

The side braid on the shorts is very reminiscent of the Nike Syracuse shorts from the early 2000’s.  Those were simpler, but the thin braid lines were great.  So good, we got them on our Wesleyan shorts one year!  In CVLC’s version, I love how the stripes go along outside the logo.  That’s attention to detail!

And now for the Jerseys…


CVLC uniform jersey Lacrosse Unlimited.


CVLC jersey uniform lacrosse unlimited
Stripes and Stripes. Option Numero Dos.



  1. I personally am a huge fan of the rugby style jerseys, option #2.

    Reason: I believe that solid jerseys are classic, and the way I’ve seen this club in the past, (,,,
    they know how to take things that not many people are willing to do and just murder expectations; thus not necessarily the most classic bunch of laxers I’ve seen. The colors obviously are perfect, (I believe Billy Bitter once said “If you don’t look good in Carolina Blue, you need plastic surgery”) and the upcoming spring/summer/fall of 2011 will be better off. If teams like CVLC take risks, even if they risk things to no avail, the game of lacrosse that we know and love so dearly will grow and become more prominent. Thats just how it will be; people love jerseys from the original Blackhawks sweaters to North Carolina basketball jerseys circa 1982ish, because they were, in one way of another, groundbreaking and iconic.

    That is my thesis statement on the CVLC Jerseys, and I know that they can’t go wrong either way; they’ll just look much better, in my humble, unbiased opinion. Hope this wins me those precious shorts! thanks again for all you guys do in the LAS network. God Bless.

  2. The stripes have been done bro…. they in the past,everyone is trying to do stripes, its unoriginal at this point, going classic never looks bad…. According to the Brobible, Brolaximus 6:10-13 says…” Let he who is without true laxness wear the stripes… Instead, he who seeks to tread upon the path of righteous laxness should go bold and stay classy.” Scholars say he was referring to Option 1.

    Option 1 is the way to go….

  3. I was originally going to vote option 1 but I see now that it was not what I recieved at 1st impression. I orginally percieved option 1 as mean, clean, and old-school 3 things I love in a jersey. However upon further review none of those are true as the tramp stamp eliminated both mean and old-school. The use of Carolina eliminated the mean factor(not that I am against Carolina blue).
    However I realized upon further review of the second unit I realized it is a diamond in the rough. I have ye,t to see a 2 tone use of this jersey. The teams have normal used different shades of the same color (Chapman, and Minnesota, I’m looking at you), CVLC, however has decided to alternate the colors. I LOVE IT. The original usage of an existing template is wonderful. I have never seen that done. I additional like how the side panel is not the striped pattern but rather a solid(in this case white) to break up the pattern. The one negative is the tramp stamp. Eliminate it.
    The one concern I have with the uniform combo of the shorts and jersey 2 (and for that matter jersey 1 as well) Is they dont “mesh” they just simplly don’t go together. Just get a pair of straigh white shorts with the logo and number and eliminate the side pair thingy.
    Also much props for a nice simple shooter shirt.

  4. #1 is clearly the better route. clean+classic. i heard there was a school out west that wore the #2 style. they had this guy with long hair and a famous coach or something. anyway… those jerseys were clearly the root of their post season shortcomings. i wouldn’t wish that on your club.

  5. Is this really a competition? #2 is obviously the jersey of a champion, if you walk out on the field wearing those there is a good chance your going to find a similar brown spot on the opposing teams shorts if you know what I mean. Intimidation is something you can’t practice, you either got it or ya don’t.
    Plus, playas gotta play ;)

  6. This comment was emailed to us yesterday:

    Hey guys,
    Sorry but could not get comment to post on the blog…here is my choice and why…
    As much as I like the stripes, I have to vote for the solid. The stripes will clash with the checker sticker pack on their lids, not to mention the stripes would make them look like convicts. The solid would also allow an alternate funky set of shorts to be created and worn without a nasty clash. The solid is SOLID!!
    Thanks, Paul