Hot Pot Of Lax: How Do YOU Feel About The Rule Changes?

college lacrosse 2013 rule changes
Get ready fellas. The new rules are here!

The internet has been awash with commentary on the proposed rules for 2013, and much of it has come from industry experts and emotionally invested members of the lacrosse community. The fear for us here is that the LOUD VOICES will drown out the general consensus (much like we see in American politics), so before we go too far, we want to hear what YOU have to say!

First we’ll offer you a pretty simple poll on the new rules proposal and then, in the comments section, we’re offering up the chance to make your thoughts heard, and the BEST, most intelligently crafted comment dropper will be rewarded with their choice of a Clubber Tee, Olympic Collection Tee, or a Dye Master Tank Top!

So answer the poll question, and then think about your answer… if this post gets some truly great responses, we’ll be sure to share it with John Hind, the Chair of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee!

The 2013 Proposed Rules Poll:

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  1. while i like the fact that the rules committee is attempting to speed up the game, i just dont think they’re going about it the right way. I dont have much of a problem with the thirty second shot clock after a stall warning, although the actual procedure proposed is a bit more complicated than it needs to be. I do however think that putting new regulations on the way sticks are strung is getting far too nitpicky. It puts even more of the game in the referees hands because of the amount of things the refs have to check for. it just becomes a bit tedious. messing with the customization of sticks, measuring width, making sure length is correct, proper shootings strings, etc. I just cant see how it would be positive as players would find new ways to acquire the desired affect the U or V string has and would end up another useless rule.
    Another area of concern for me is the face off being changed from 4 to 12 inches apart. currently, i dont think there is a problem with the way face offs are taken, and i dont see this new regulation bringing about any positive change. However having the third illegal procedure call become a 30 second time serving penalty is a great change, as it creates for more scoring chances and more intense face offs. But eliminating motorcycle grip? absurd. If an attackman finds a new innovative way to hold his stick and shoots the ball faster are we going to tell him he cant do that? I just dont see the reasoning here. also, not allowing tape on the throat of the stick is ridiculous. How picky are we going to get here?
    One thing i do like is the emphasis on unsportsmanlike play and eliminating the crosscheck hold. I like that the rules committee cares about the game and is trying to improve it, but i just think that they’re reacting too quickly to pressure from people like Quint. (kidding but not) While its good that they try to make improvements, i just dont want to see them change too much about the game we all know and love.

  2. The NCAA 2013 Rule proposals are inadequate. Lacrosse is the number one growing sport in North America due to its fast pace and offensive play. I know I fell in love with this game my first year in 2009 because of its fast pace; although the committeemen have good intentions I believe I speak for a majority of players when I say that the committee is going at these rule changes the wrong way.
     Everyone loves to score and to see absolutely sick goals scored through effective teamwork; I say this as a defenseman. Offense is exciting! A majority of fans are surely more entertained by a high goal scoring offense than a well executed defense. Many offenses exploit their time with the ball and as we have seen the stall warning can only do so much. It is understood how the committee is saying the shot clock is not fit for the college game but I’m not sure of any other way. Stall warnings are not cutting it. The new system that the Committee has suggested is revolutionary and is not accepted by many. I personally do not look how it looks as written rule but maybe my mind will change after I see a fall game with it in place? Is there a true need for this type of revolutionary rule though? From my understanding it sounds like a shot clock would be a great idea as long as it was at least 90 seconds.

    Every position loves to take possession of the ball whether it is for a short or long period of time. lacrosse is separated from hockey in a drastic way from how easy it is to posses the ball/puck. As the NCAA Committee looks to make the ball harder to possess I know they have good intentions but they way to do it is not the 3.5 inch shooter rule. As all players know, mesh breaks in and stretched out over use. If a head was strung to where it passed the 3.5 inch rule initially but then the mesh broke in or began to sag because of dampness this rule would penalize them. Hows That fair? This would also eliminate U and V strings. U and V Strings add hold and balance to a stick. Hold is being taken advantage of by some offensive players but moderation is key. Players with too much hold are commonly stereotyped to be inaccurate when passing and shooting the ball, this is because they must hang their stick to throw a good quality ball and while hanging their stick the defense may throw checks to disturb the ball carrier’s form. In some cases a great stringer may put a good amount of hold on a stick and still be able to throw very well, defending this is not impossible as long as you keep good footwork, stay low and throw a legal hold such as the crosscheck-hold (paragraph 6). My friend’s favorite dodge is the toe-drag, this requires a ridiculous amount of hold and skill. The toe-drag is a very exciting move to watch and it will become near extinct along with other mesmerizing original dodges if V and U strings become illegal. Not to mention the uniqueness of a players stick which would vanish. no more 4 straights with a nylon at the top or 2 Vs. I remember when I was 13 I string a stick with shooters going through every hole in the mesh and i played games with it! the quality was horrible but it was still a blast to brag about and show people. If that were illegal in the college game it would eventually spread to be illegal to high school and youth and originality would disappear as it became illegal.

    Its sad to see this day for defensive middies everywhere but the horn seems like it is not coming back. Although I love the horn it is understandable why it must go because it interrupted the tempo of the game. I feel for goalies because they lost their 5 second grace period but i see the tempo killing in this too. Making the substitution box is a good thing. It encourages on the fly substitutions keeping the pace of the game going.

    Faceoffs. The only rule with the faceoffs i agree with is not touching the plastic of the head but is this really enforceable? The rest are just unnecessary. Everyone likes motorcycle grip on faceoffs so why make a rule against it? Most of the time each teams fogos use it on each other and if they’re both using it. It is fair. A technical after 3 jumps in one half, Why? the fogo who jumped 3 times already penalized his team enough be literally giving the other team the ball 3 times and having to run to the box 3 times. Why get rid of the fogo who jumped running to the box? I don’t mean to be a closed-minded critic but i really do not understand these new faceoff rules.

    Unsportsmanlike conduct emphasis, really? At the final four this year every time Maryland scored a goal they’re sideline went INSANE and it pumped everyone on the team and crowd up! it made watching the game even more enjoyable! Now its going to be a penalty? Cross-check holds are also unsportsmanlike? If this is true then there are no skilled “sportsmanlike” defensemen. The crosscheck hold is the best legal hold to throw because it stabilizes ball carriers and prevents them from running straight through the defense without dodging, Crosscheck holding is not easy. without the proper positioning through good footwork, the correct stance by being balanced, on your toes and low, and keeping your positioning using strength and leverage to physically push the ball carrier is not easy. The reason it is such a good legal hold is because it takes practicing footwork and stance while maintaining a high amount of strength to be able to pull off. without the cross-check hold the only legal hold left is the V hold which turns to a penalty quickly on a skilled attackman anyway. In a way this would also reduce the effectiveness of the strength attribute on defense. I have clipped a picture of me (in white) performing the crosscheck hold on an opponent and I just want to point out that is the ball carrier was stronger he would have slipped right past me because I am too high. To be low enough the top of your helmet must be below the ball carrier’s helmet’s chin-piece. The cross-check hold is not ‘cheap’ by any means so i don’t see why a rule should be put in place of it. High cross-checks are no good and lead to injuries but cross-checks on the hips are a defender’s best friend (If your an attackman that complains they hurt your hips go buy hip pads. they sell them built in to girdle. no one will see them so no one will judge you :-)). If cross-check holds are ruled out for defense then the Committee might as well rule out dodges for offense to make it a fair fight again.

    I strongly disagree with most of these proposed NCAA 2013 rule changes because it is handicapping lacrosse’s full potential and excitement which will cripple the growth of the game. Hate to sound like a critic but unless I stand corrected by the fall preseason games it looks like the Committee made a wrong move.

  3. I’m in accordance with everyone below me.  The stick specifications are ridiculous.  it doesn’t just take out U’s and V’s, but it takes out low pockets in general.  i can somewhat agree with the back of the stick check, but it would only really apply to fogos, who’s stick are going to pinch taking 20-30 face-offs in 80+ degree weather anyway.   

    The 12 inch rule on faceoffs is going to do one of two things, turn fogos in to NFL lineman, or lead to a ton of broken hands  (more than likely both)  it was probably meant to take the fogo out of the game, but it’s been a part of the modern game since sticks were still wooden and the face-offs were done in the air.  I remember watching my uncle play at temple in the 80’s when he was in grad school.  They had fogo’s back then too, the techniques were different, but the emphasis was the same.

    I’ll shut up after this last comment, these rule changes are putting to much of a separation between HS, college, prop and club.  The rule differences in differing levels of other sports do not have  this much of a separation (peewee excluded, but that’s more for safety and player development)  

    Shot clock, stalling, i agree with, everything else, is baloney 

  4. I’m in accordance with everyone below me.  The stick specifications are ridiculous.  it doesn’t just take out U’s and V’s, but it takes out low pockets in general.  i can somewhat agree with the back of the stick check, but it would only really apply to fogos, who’s stick are going to pinch taking 20-30 face-offs in 80+ degree weather anyway.   

    The 12 inch rule on faceoffs is going to do one of two things, turn fogos in to NFL lineman, or lead to a ton of broken hands  (more than likely both)  it was probably meant to take the fogo out of the game, but it’s been a part of the modern game since sticks were still wooden and the face-offs were done in the air.  I remember watching my uncle play at temple in the 80’s when he was in grad school.  They had fogo’s back then too, the techniques were different, but the emphasis was the same.

    I’ll shut up after this last comment, these rule changes are putting to much of a separation between HS, college, prop and club.  The rule differences in differing levels of other sports do not have  this much of a separation (peewee excluded, but that’s more for safety and player development)  

    Shot clock, stalling, i agree with, everything else, is baloney 

  5. The rules committee is out of line with the new rule proposals. They are developing the rules with a wrong mindset. They are changing the great sport of lacrosse that we all know and love and making it something it is not. They are trying to make the game way different, and trying to stop these new developments to the game, such as moto grip on face-offs, custom mesh pockets, or new strategies used by teams such as stalling. This cannot and must not be changed. These rules are taking away a players freedom with there stick, telling them how to use them and how to string them. These proposed rules on how your shooting strings must be placed are just plain stupid. They dont even make sense. The people making these rules have no idea how much they impact the players freedom with their stick. These stick rules are not going to make a difference at all in a players game. They are just going to aggravate them and make them go restring their sticks. As well the face-off issue, you can’t make a rule telling someone how to face-off. Whats next, are they going to tell us that we cant cradle one handed, or throw stick checks? This just goes to show how stupid these rules are. The committee is full of a bunch of people who dont know lacrosse. They dont see it through the eyes of a player a coach or a die hard fan. The rules committee is trying to speed up the game, but at the same time they are changing the game tremendously. They are worrying about how many fans college lacrosse will have, or the attendance at the final 4. But wait, here’s a thought, maybe its not the game. Maybe its the NCAA and there marketing. Maybe they final 4 is in the wrong spot. NCAA cant tell US lacrosse players how to play OUR game just to make the game more popular. Maybe the NCAA committee needs to get off their ass and promote college lacrosse. Adding a shot clock is not going to get lacrosse more fans. Its not going to do anything but give college lacrosse players and coaches a headache worrying about another dumb rule. Lacrosse is not a sport that needs a shot clock. So why add one? I know it is only for 30 seconds after they have to keep it in, but heres the start. Who’s stopping the NCAA from adding a bigger 60 second one in the future? This game NCAA is creating is not lacrosse. Lacrosse is a game where sideline horns are allowed, there are no shot clocks, and players are allowed to face off however they want: moto grip or traditional grip and they can play with sticks that have any shooting string setup they want, because thats lacrosse to me and it always will be.

  6. I agree with everyone saying that the stick regulations are far too nitpicky. I re strung mine to the “new” regulations, and it seems any decent stringer can create just as much hold under them.

    If players can navigate around them so easily, then what’s the point? Making stick checks longer, and a bigger pain for referees? Creating even more panic while heading to a rain game? Or is it taking away the creativity, imagination, and love put into every little laxers’ twig?