Just Got Put Through The Medical Ringer


First off, let’s get one thing straight, I’m not like you. I’m different. My mind, my body, they’re not like yours. In some cases parts of me are probably better than you, but I’m damn sure it works the other way around too. There’s no doubt in my mind that your back is more sturdy than mine.

You see, I’ve been put through what my mother (Doctor & healthcare pro) likes to call the “medical ringer.” What started with upper back pain as a junior in college led to lower back spasms my senior season and a whole slew of x-rays and physical therapy visits.

Then came an entrance into “the real world” and a whole new galaxy of full of back cramps, muscle spasms, constant stiffness and snooze buttons. Since then the pain and sheer annoyance has led me to acupuncture, more PT, MRI’s, a fair share of muscle relaxers, some whiskey and 3 rounds of trigger-point injections (6 shots per round).

I felt improvement, but it never seemed to stick. So I flew back home to The Great State of Idaho during the holidays for a 2nd opinion. In the medical world Boise is known for it’s top-shelf doctors so I knew I’d be in good hands. More x-rays, bloodwork and MRI’s ensued.

Inflammation and some changes were found in my sacroiliac joint area and I ended up extending my stay in the Idaho to undergo some more treatment. Part of the treatment is an injection I had today. The pictures you see below are of my lower torso (around my tailbone) and that long skinny thing is the big giant needle they stuck in there.

First, they injected me with some lidocaine to numb the area, then they put in a different needle that they can actually control the tip of. They led the needle down in between my bones and injected a nice amount of cortisone-type steroid, filling up the joint space. They used a fluoroscope, which is how we got the pictures.

Pretty nuts huh? Anyway, that’s my story. Hoping I’m a little more comfortable after the soreness wears off and this will lead to being able to sit for more than a half hour without getting back spasms. But it won’t fix everything – God knows I got a helluva lot more rehab to go.

Ah, the life of washed up 20-something lacrosse player. Until next time folks. Just sayin.



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