Rob Pannell lacrosse cornell syracuse brian megill

Only 100 Days Until College Lacrosse Season!

9 - Published October 27, 2011 by in College, NCAA
Rob Pannell lacrosse cornell syracuse brian megill

Pannell vs Megill will be good again. But Megill will wear #11 in 2012.

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There are only 100 days between today and the first game of the NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Season*.  We’re beyond excited.  We’re in store for another great year of college lacrosse across the divisions, and in both the NCAA and the MCLA.  There are interesting, lacrosse-heavy story lines galore like Virginia’s quest to repeat, Rob Pannell (he’s a story unto himself), Penn State rising, lots of change, Denver reloading, and a new big-time program in Michigan.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!  The stories from D2, D3, and the MCLA promise to be just as good!

And in 100 days, we get to see it all unfold before our very eyes…

One team’s 2011 season didn’t end with the National Championship banner that many in and around the program had hoped for, but the Syracuse Orange still managed to put on a great show… and that’s what highlight tapes are all about.  All of the video by Rastamyles is clearly just taken from ESPNU, but the goals are all good ones (come on, it’s Cuse!), and the editing is pretty solid.

Time to get excited for 2012 with some sick Cuse goals from 2011.  Why not?


*I’m operating under the assumption that 2012 will be like 2011 in that the first game of the year will take place on the first Saturday in February