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Bender Lacrosse Tournament Trophy

The World’s Greatest Lacrosse Trophy

8 - Published June 22, 2011 by in Gear

Brace yourself. You’re about to see the coolest lacrosse trophy ever created by man… The First Annual Summer Bender Lacrosse Tournament kicks off this weekend in Bend, Oregon, where 8 lucky teams will be vying for this colossal, sasquatchian piece of hardware: Coolest lacrosse trophy ever created, right? That’s why we’re bestowing quite the banner […]

Have You Planned Your Summer Bender?

5 - Published May 16, 2011 by in Club

A quick look at Bend, Oregon and why it just might be the perfect place for a Summer Lacrosse Tournament!

Summer Tourney: Citylax Shootout

2 - Published August 24, 2010 by in Club, Grow The Game

For the second year in a row, Citylax has put on a great one day tournament out in Southampton, NY on Long Island to benefit their youth and high school programs. The tourney is relaxed, no true Champion is crowned and all of the proceeds go to spreading the game of lacrosse in historically underserved neighborhoods of NYC. Let’s check out the action…

Woozles Being Woozles, Part 2

4 - Published August 5, 2010 by in Club

Things just got even more Woozley. Click through for 23 more of the 300 photos taken of the Woozles in Tahoe!

Summer Tourney: Breckenridge Quickstick

2 - Published August 3, 2010 by in Club

Mele hits us with a Team 5280 recap of the Breckenridge Quickstick tourney.

Woozles Being Woozles, Part 1

2 - Published August 2, 2010 by in Club

Woozle action shots from the Tahoe tourney last weekend.

Summer Tourney: Blue Ridge Classic

4 - Published July 27, 2010 by in Club

While LAS was out in Tahoe, there were other big time tourneys going on like War at the Shore and Glastonbury. There were also smaller tourneys taking place but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some big names in attendance. Click through to check out the Blue Ridge Classic!

Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, Day 2 & 3

6 - Published July 26, 2010 by in Club

Oh my, what a Woozley weekend it was. To start you off, we’ve got a photo-heavy post that just sends out that Tahoe vibe. First-timer @ConnorWilsonLAS remarked that it was easily one of the best tourneys he’s ever been to (and he’s been to a lot) so click on through and get down.

Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, Day 1

9 - Published July 23, 2010 by in Club

Just a few shots from Tahoe Lax Day 1. Be a very wary bear!

The Scallywag Summer: Raise The Colors!

1 - Published July 20, 2010 by in Club, The Life

Ghost of the Union talks summer lax, gives us a recap of the Park City Shootout.

Daily Cheese: Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe!

5 - Published July 19, 2010 by in Club

The glorious Lake Tahoe and your chance to lax it up there this week. Plus news & notes as always.

ADIDAS: All Day I Dream About… Lacrosse

4 - Published June 29, 2010 by in Gear, High School

Two significant press releases from adidas Lacrosse.

Getting Woozley: A Tahoe Preparation Guide, Part 1

5 - Published June 24, 2010 by in Club

Please welcome Mr. David Ogle to LAS. His heart beats for wearing the Pink Woozle ‘W’ each year, and over the coming weeks he will help each of us release our inner Woozle with an ‘in-depth’ preparation guide for Tahoe, celebration of all things righteous, and uninteresting facts about his life.

Long Island War On The Shore Tournament

1 - Published June 17, 2010 by in Club

Connor Wilson recounts his experience with the Southampton Brewery LC at the recent Long Island War on the Shore tournament. Last year they took home the inaugural championship, click through to see if they repeated.

Summer Tournament Series: Vail Shoot-out Recap

0 - Published July 6, 2009 by in Club

Vail’s Summer Shootout has come to an end and the reigning champs were dethroned, some longtime teams dominated, some newcomers surprised and as usual, the level of play was top notch.

Summer Tournament Series: Vail Shootout Updates Trickling In

0 - Published July 3, 2009 by in Club

Along with the excellent coverage that the Vail Shootout itself provides, LAS has operatives all over the place out in Colorado and when big things happen, you’ll know about it.

Vail Colorado: Stick Tricks and Mountain Ranges

0 - Published June 22, 2009 by in Club, High School, Stick Tricks

Everyone loves playing lax at the Vail Shootout. Everyone loves sweet stick tricks. Today, we give you a mashup of both because some kid took his camera to Vail, video taped himself showing off, and posted it on YouTube. Born to be wild.

Summer Lax Tourney Series: War on the Shore – Long Island!

0 - Published June 9, 2009 by in Club

Long Island is a hot bed area for lacrosse.  Always has been and always will be.  However, what always struck me as weird was the lack of quality lacrosse tournaments over the summer on “the Island”.