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Traditional Thursday: My Recent Work


Towards the end of the college season, work picked up to the point that I couldn’t string as much as I’d like to, but now that things are slowing down just a little bit, I’ve found the time to dial just a couple of sticks… here’s a look at some of the heads I’ve been stringing:


That’s a big batch of heads I strung up, and then sent back to a friend of mine who works at Warrior. Seven of the eight are very basic traditional set ups, but there is NOTHING wrong with that. I’ll take one over mesh any day!


A Rattlers-themed Brine Clutch Elite. Came out great with a nice low to mid pocket.


A leather and synthetic mash-up for Chuck Richardson of EvoShield, down in Georgia. He gave away all his sticks when he was in Jamaica GTGing, so I’m hooking him up with a sweet traditional number. Seems more than fair.



This head has an absolutely perfect traditional bag on it. Ball moves around nicely, and it throws consistently. This could be my new gamer. Came out very well! The dye isn’t to shabby either.


An evolved Pita for Chris Tiernan, where I used his waterproof leathers to run the track down the middle. I used toplace for the other “leathers” on the sides, and it creates a serious channel in the pocket. This pocket is also of the removable type, so if Chris breaks that Reebok head, he can easily move the pocket to another stick.

I’ll be back next week with more READER QUESTIONS, and some tips and tricks for you to try at home. I’m also working on a standard six to eight diamond traditional tutorial. It’s not THE way, but it’s A way, and it’s a pretty darn good way at that!

Check out our Traditional Thursday Archive for much more on the art of leather and lace. And don’t forget to take a look at the 2013 College Lacrosse All Traditional Team!

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