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2013 College Lacrosse All Traditional Team

Last year we selected the All Traditional Team for the pros and for college, and this year we’re starting things off right, with the college players. With the season now under our belts, the D1 traditional team is fully formulated. Check out our 2012 team, and then see how the ALL TRADITIONAL TEAM has grown in 2013!

Since traditional is still pretty limited at the D1 level, we have two very simple criteria points for this team:

1) The player uses traditional for part, or all, of the 2013 season, and not just in scrimmages.

2) The player sees solid time for their team. It’s kind of like an Academic All-American selection. Do you play a lot? Do you get good grades? You can make the team. Except grades are leather.

That would seem to settle it! Now on to the team…

2013 College All Traditional Team

Bobby Tyler – UMass – Midfield

4 assists in game 1 of the year, using a nifty Pita, in a 16-9 win over Army, put Bobby on the team immediately. He met the criteria. Done deal. Wonder who strings that stick… Seriously. Thanks to Ray McCarthy for the tip!

I like that he is wearing last year’s gloves as well.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan –

Wells Stanwick – Hopkins – Attack

We know who strings Wells’ stick: his father. Stanwick boys use leathers, and it might be the best family lacrosse tradition going on in the game right now. Rain or shine, it’s traditional time. Wells was a preseason lock.

It's comforting to see a Stanwick with traditional.
It’s comforting to see a Stanwick with traditional.

Photo Credit: 24 Seven Lax

Joe Fazio – Syracuse – LSM

Fazio scored a sweet goal in the title game with his traditional longstick. He rocked it all season, and we love him for it.Duke Beats Syracuse 16-10 For Division 1 title.

Cal Paduda – Syracuse – F/O 

Paduda got great reps at the face off spot for Cuse as the season went on, and seeing as he is only a freshman, we could get three more years of traditional from this guy.

Hobart Upsets Syracuse

Ryan Ambler – Princeton – Attack

Ambler didn’t use traditional all season, but he did use it at times. When Ambler was playing with the Froccaro brothers, it looked a bit like Princeton back in the day. I’m sure Hubbard, Hess, and Massey were proud!

Jeff Froccaro – Princeton – Midfield

Cornell/Princeton Game Photos by Tommy Gilligan

Jake Froccaro – Princeton – Midfield

Both Jake and Jeff get their sticks strung up by Jimmy Butler. Makes sense why they are so darned PERFECT!

Derek DeJoe – Syracuse – Midfield

Man up shooter, rocking traditional for the Orange.

130224_NCAA Lacrosse_Army at Syracuse_0372

Will Corrigan – Notre Dame – Midfield

The coach’s son, rocking traditional, and being awesome.

ND/Cuse Game Photos by Tommy Gilligan

Miles Thompson – Albany – Attack

He used it all season, and performed extremely well! I’d love to see Lyle and Ty use traditional more as well and maybe they will! Jeremy Thompson seems to be using it again in the MLL. Yay!

Dan McNulty – Jacksonville – Midfield

McNulty took a ton of the team’s draws this year, taking all but nine for the Dolphins all season. Traditional? Check!

Harry Kutner – Loyola – Midfield

Kutner played for Loyola this year as a Grad Student, and was at St. John’s before that. His traditional is beautiful. Thanks to Craig Chase for point this one out!


Traditional Team Of The Year: Syracuse

The Orange has a FoGo, LSM, Man Up guy, and a couple back ups all using traditional this year, and many of them using it all year long. The Orange might not have the hardware this year for NCAA lacrosse, but they definitely take the title for MOST TRADITIONAL on a team. Well done, Orange. Way to lead the way!

Honorable Mention:

Drew Federico – Fairfield – Attack

Fedrico used one last year, and in high school, but we couldn’t find any photos of him this year, which is extremely weird. Anyone know if he used it again in 2013? We’ll keep him on for now!

Josh Dionne – Duke – Attack

Dionne didn’t use traditional in a game, but he was spotted using some in a scrimmage against Navy. Plus they just won the title, and Dionne has at least three traditional sticks. The one below is a Greg Rose special.

We still need photo proof from an actual game…

Photo Credit: Maureen Lingle –

Griffin Vehar – Syracuse – Defense

Griffin only played in two games this year, so he’s on the HM team, but he did use traditional, and I saw photos to prove it!

If I missed someone, let me know! Drop a comment filling me in, and if you can, add a link to a photo showing the player in question using a traditional stick! We can’t find them all, but we can certainly try!