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Want to Shoot Accurately? Fix Your Hips!

You’re a big boy, it’s time to hit the cage wherever you’re aiming. What’s actually holding you back from shooting accurately may surprise you!

Editor’s Note: A former two-sport DI athlete at Fairfield University, Kelly has dedicated his life to building better lacrosse athletes, on and off of the field. Sean contributes regularly from his state-of-the-art Sports and Mental Preparation Facility in New Jersey. Take it from here, Sean!

One major reason that lacrosse players come to the Sean Kelly Performance Center is to improve their ability to shoot accurately. I ask them right away what they recognize as their weaknesses when shooting and 8 out of 10 athletes say that their accuracy is very poor.

What we have found at SKPC is that 90% of these players are technically not having trouble with their accuracy. They are having trouble AIMING. The proper way to aim is with your hips, YES YOUR HIPS!

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So let’s fix the problem! Check out this video as I demonstrate a great drill on the proper way to shoot for accuracy. Just grab some cones, balls, a net and your gear to get to work!

I asked you a few weeks ago if you wanted explosive speed and guided you through fixing your hip mobility. Then I spent time identifying that “College Lacrosse IS NOT for everyone…” through a three part series encouraging you to gauge yourself and your goals.

Now I want to know where else you’re lacking, what questions you may have, or any ways you think I might be able to elevate your game! Let the questions rip in the comments below!

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